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Applique House

Applying a house made of colored paper, cereals and corrugated cardboard will take a worthy place in your child’s creative piggy bank. Supplemented by several interesting touches, it looks much more interesting,

than ordinary paper applications.

 Application house

Application house

For work you will need:

corrugated cardboard, from which the house will be made;

a sheet of gray or blue cardboard;

white paper (for window frames) ;

brown or red colored paper (for roof and door);

brown and green paper for wood;

millet or pearl barley;

wat a;


regular and zigzag scissors;

stationery knife;


Applique The "house" begins with the creation of the house itself. To do this, we cut a rectangle or square from corrugated cardboard that will fill most of the space of a gray cardboard sheet. The more space will remain around the house, the more you can come up with additions to this picture.And vice versa - the bigger the picture the house gets, the less auxiliary details we'll need.

 Home foundation

Home foundation

Now that using a ruler and a clerical knife, we cut four windows in this box. When making a cut, place an unnecessary soft box or plank under the cardboard - it will be much easier to work.

 Cut windows

Cut windows

From white paper we cut out thin strips and we lay out cross-shaped window frames by them. We fix the frames on the back of the windows.

 Window frames

Window frames

From a brown paper we cut a triangular roof, glue it to the main cardboard above walls of the house.House cover

House cover

From the same paper, we cut out the door with zigzag scissors, glue it. The unusual shape of the edge of the door will give the picture a certain charm. The black handle indicates the door handle.


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