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How and where to store honey

How to store honey



Honey is a storehouse of healing properties, known and loved for many centuries. For quite a long time this amazing product was an integral part of the Russian table. Currently, many also can not do without this product and add it to tea instead of sugar or put in pastries and cereals. But, unfortunately, the lack of knowledge of some elementary rules of honey conservation can lead to the fact that it very quickly loses not only its healing properties, but also its pleasant taste. In order to be able to save them, you need to know how to store honey. This useful and very tasty delicacy has the ability to be stored for years, if the following conditions are met:


  • Honey bought quality.
  • The product is stored at the temperature necessary for it.
  • The correct storage location is selected.
  • Properly chosen capacity in which the honey is placed.


How to choose honey



Quite often in our time began to come across fake honey, so choose it and find the real sometimes quite difficult.But still it can be done if you know a few small secrets of the difference between a natural product and an unnatural one. It is best to buy honey on tap, and not in a corked jar, as in this case it is much easier to check its quality. To do this, when buying it, you need to do the following:

  • Tilt the jar of honey and inspect it in the light. The product should be homogeneous and sufficiently thick consistency, and when tilting leave a thick trail on the wall of the can.
  • Natural honey has a sweet taste and slightly burns the throat.
  • If you drip a drop of honey on a saucer, then it should not spread.
  • When rubbing a drop of honey with his hands, he should not roll into lumps, since the natural product tends to be completely absorbed into the skin.




In order to choose the right product it is also very important to know:

  • healing properties in honey, which has a dark color, will be much more than in light,
  • if the honey does not become thicker over time and does not begin to become covered with small crystals, then this product is an absolute fake.
  • If the crystals formed in honey have gone down and the liquid part has remained at the top, then the honey does not contain healing properties, as it is collected too early.
  • In winter, honey has the peculiarity of crystallizing and becoming very thick, so honey of liquid consistency at this time of year is most likely unnatural.


Where to store honey



Honey is a very moody product and loves to be given special attention. Therefore, it is very important to choose a place and capacity, where the honey will be kept better, in order to preserve all its useful qualities. The best such place will be the one that will meet the following conditions:

  • Be well ventilated and dry enough.
  • Have the ability to maintain the necessary for honey low and constant temperature. Since it does not tolerate heat and overheating, and at too high a temperature, it begins to conceal, ferment and turn into a liquid syrup, losing simultaneously with the density all its vitamins.
  • Do not have any extraneous sharp odors, as honey tends to absorb foreign flavors very quickly.
  • Limit access to light, as honey is best stored in a dark place. When it hits the sunlight, it quickly begins to lose the useful elements in it.

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