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How do gypsies live?

Above the Don it was getting dark. Gypsies returned from the village, giving a loud echo of tabor noise to the chalk mountains. They all went to their foreman, to give all the prey found in a day. The fact that the Baron was not to his liking, he returned to his people.

One old gypsy dared to bring pieces of black.

“No white bread,” she murmured.

-She has eaten! - thundered the Baron and hit her with the whip. The gypsy, having turned back, inadvertently stepped over the shaft. “Be trouble” - thought the rest. At the cry many came running, but not one did not intercede. Some helped the foreman to beat the unfortunate, while others all thought: “To be in trouble. The woman stepped over the shaft.

1939 A. Zotov.

Every Russian citizen is fully convinced that the Baron is completely ruled by Gypsies. But they forget that their people cannot be curbed, subjugated to these influences of these passionate nomads - this is simply from the realm of fantasy.

Gypsy life

For a long time, for everyone it was a mystery, where did the Roma come from? Some even believed that they originated from the sunken Atlantis, or the descendants of the ancient priests from India.Some scholars believe that they belonged to the ancient Indian caste of untouchables, which was expelled from India. Others claim that the Roma are descendants of the Aryans.

Gypsies, no matter what kind of lifestyle they lead, obey only authoritative people from their camp. They have Gypsy laws, according to which they resolve any conflicts.

Gypsy council with authorities - a meeting, often ends with an oath. If there was a controversial case, the gypsies swear, they believe that if someone lies and swears, then God will severely punish him.

This nation, which has dozens of different nationalities in its composition, even has its own flag, anthem, literature and artistic culture. They divide themselves into western and eastern.

To make it easier to imagine the Gypsy nomadic life, let us give the story of one of the representatives of this race.

Interview with Jeanne

“-Janna, how did nomadic women maintain hygiene, how did they wash?”

-That, that to us young, the senior gypsy women tell: they put on the fire a tub, in it they cooked tincture of herbs. She was a shampoo. When the camp stopped, the Roma tried to create comfortable conditions for themselves, even at temporary stands. ”

What do you think about education?

-Our son goes to law school. We have a lot of respect for the educated. A school for gypsies was built in Vitebsk. But we do not know our writing and have not seen our gypsy alphabet. "

According to the stories of the gypsy woman Zhanna, there is still a council of elders, which is attended by older people (authorities).

The main gypsy rite they considered a wedding. They marry and get married early, at about 14 years of age, and at the age of 30 many already have grandchildren.

Where do gypsies live

They can live anywhere, but most of all they live in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and constitute 10% of the total population. In the world, according to some estimates, only 20 million Gypsies. Often in society they are treated negatively, believing that they steal, cheat, can jinx it and even own hypnosis. And some believe in gypsy fortune telling, and some do not.

We can talk for a long time about how the Roma live. But you must understand that all of them, like other nationalities, are different among themselves, therefore it is impossible to measure everyone under a single carbon copy.


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