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How not to customs clearance cars?

Many motorists when buying a new car tend to the option of purchasing it abroad. This applies to both new and used cars. When importing a foreign car into the territory of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to pay a customs duty or, to put it simply, customs clearance. Already, it is almost impossible to come up with a scheme for how not to customs clearance a car to a Russian citizen.

The designation of the concept of "customs clearance"

Customs clearance is a process that goes through any car, both passenger and cargo, this is a kind of appropriation of a new citizenship to a car. According to the laws of the Russian Federation, every foreign car owned by a Russian citizen must pass customs control at the entrance to the country.

The cost of customs clearance of a car depends on several indicators: on the year of manufacture of the car and the volume of its engine, on how much fuel the car uses. To accurately find out the cost of customs clearance of a particular car, you can use a custom calculator that calculates the approximate price for importing a foreign car.

When can I not customs clearance cars?

Today, many motorists are interested in whether it is possible not to customs clearance of a car when importing it to Russia. On the territory of the Russian Federation, a non-cleared car can only be found in a few cases.

  • If this car goes to another country, and passes through the territory of the Russian Federation only in transit.
  • If the car belongs to a foreigner who came to live or work in Russia for a certain time. In this situation, the owner of the car has no right to transfer the car to the management of other persons, as well as sell it. After a year, the car will need to be taken abroad.
  • Also, a car of a foreign organization whose representative office is located in Russia may not pass customs clearance. The period of unimpeded movement of the vehicle throughout the country in this case is 6 months.

Tricks with customs clearance

There are several options for how to bypass the customs clearance of a car when it is imported into Russia. But in this case it is necessary to remember that this is fraught with undesirable sanctions by the Russian authorities.

  1. A lightweight version of auto customs clearance is available to citizens of Ukraine and Belarus.You can try to clear the car with the help of citizens of these countries on their own territory, and then import the customs car to Russia. When importing a car to the Russian Federation from these countries, there is no need to go through another customs clearance procedure. Thus, you can win at the cost of customs clearance, but you will need to pay extra for transporting cars from one state to another.
  2. You can also disassemble the car before entering the territory of the Russian Federation, take it in the form of spare parts, and after passing the control to collect. But now the authorities are watching very strictly for such "craftsmen", therefore, wanting to trick the customs officers, you can run into serious trouble.
  3. Another way to trick the customs control is to find cars abroad under certain ready documents, import it without customs clearance, change the engine and “kill” the necessary numbers and use the car as such, which has already been “registered” in the territory of the Russian Federation. But, as you understand, it is against the law.

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