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How to activate the card "Sberbank"?

Alina Alexandrova
Alina Alexandrova
February 5, 2013
How to activate the card "Sberbank"?

A bank card is a modern and surprisingly handy tool. The card can be used for non-cash payment for any purchases, as well as for utility, telephone, Internet services and others. Sberbank of Russia produces several types of bank cards. There are free cards that can be opened by persons older than 14 years of Russian or non-Russian citizenship. There are cards, for the annual service which provides for appropriate payment. It is worth noting that now it is possible to open a Sberbank card via the Internet. How to activate a savings bank card? Having received a card at a bank branch, you can activate it immediately, on the spot, with the help of a bank employee. Also, you have the opportunity to activate the card in the ON-LINE account management system on the official website of the bank. And, you can activate the Sberbank card via SMS by attaching the card to your phone number.

And we recall that you will be able to activate the card in any branch of the bank, on the website in online support of a consultant or by phone, which are located on the official website of Sberbank of Russia. Link to Sberbank of Russia website:.


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