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How to add to the black list in Odnoklassniki?

September 4, 2012
How to add to the black list in Odnoklassniki?

It so happens that obsessive lovers of social networks without any need to write you a message, clogging up your page. It happens that you just do not want to meet Him (or Her) on the page of your virtual life. In general, it does not matter what the reason is, just figure out how to add to the black list in Odnoklassniki those who are pretty fed up with.

Blacklisted through posts

  1. As usual, open the message list (the envelope icon on top) and select the dialog (from the list on the left) with the one you want to add to the black list.
  2. In the dialog window there is a top line where the name of the person with whom you are communicating first goes, then the tab “Block”, then there is also “Delete all correspondence”.
  3. Actually, we are interested in the "Block" tab, and click on it. After that, the system will ask for confirmation: "block" or "cancel." Once again, they thought ... And press "block", if they decided to add the obsessive to the black list.

So you can add to the black list in Odnoklassniki not only friends, but also strangers who write you messages.

Blacklisted guests

  1. "Guests" tab on the top bar on your page, icon - footprints. We press it.
  2. A page appears with all the guests who have visited your page. Hover over the photo of the one you wish to block; a drop-down menu will appear.
  3. From the list of proposed actions of this menu, select "Block", again confirm - "block".

Guest removed. You can do it with the rest.

Viewing the blacklist

In addition, how to add to the black list in Odnoklassniki obsessive characters, they can be viewed.

  1. Click "Profile" in the menu of your page (on the right in "other").
  2. Next - the item "Blacklist".

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