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How to add to the group in contact?

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How to add to the group in contact?

So, you have created the Vkontakte group, and now you need to fill it with various content. In addition to text messages and all sorts of information, content refers to video and audio files that play an important role in group design. In addition, such files are an excellent way to promote your group, which is created most often to get a certain income in the social network. Therefore, it is not surprising that you are interested in how to add such files to a group in a contact.

Add a video

Having visited the page of your group, find the section "Video Recordings", click with the mouse. The inscription "Add video" will appear at the top of the open page. Click the mouse again, but this time on the inscription "Add from search". A menu with search will open. Enter the name of the video, after which it will be found. By clicking on the "Add" button, you upload a video to your page.If, after completing the step-by-step instructions on how to add videos to the group, the downloaded video does not appear in the group, reload the page.

How to add people?

Before you add to a group of people, you must send them an invitation. Of course, not everyone will respond to your offer, but still 10 out of 100 people, as a rule, become your Vkontakte friends. Adding people to a group is a good way to promote a group, so some group owners are trying to attract people to their page in an illegal way. Cases of password cracking have become frequent, after which people fall into those groups that they don’t like at all. Some group owners post styles for accounts on their pages, and thus attract additional visitors, but these are just bots.

Add a photo

If you are interested in the question of how to add a photo to a group, then you should know that you cannot add a photo to someone else’s group, but only to your group. The fact is that it is necessary to have admin status in order to have access to the photo album. In addition, when adding photos to your group, keep in mind that there can be no more than 500 photos in the photo album.If you have any questions when adding photos to your group, contact the administration of Vkontakte.

How to add music?

Promoting the Vkontakte group, some users are interested in how to add music. It is very simple. You need to go to your group, find the section "Audio recordings", a search window will open at the top. Enter the requested song into it, and you can enter both its name and artist. After the auto search, a list of audio recordings will appear, from which you select the desired one and add it with a mouse click. You can add music from your computer if there is a saved file on it. To do this, click on "Add music" and download the file.

We have tried to answer the most common questions regarding the addition of various components to Vkontakte groups, which help to uniqueize your community of friends. But, if you have any questions, including how to add a link to the group or admin, we recommend using the information on the pages of this social network. In addition, you can always contact the administration of the social network Vkontakte, which almost always provides comprehensive answers to the questions of its users. You can also find out more by reading our article: "".


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