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How to apply facade plaster

You will need
  • - two-meter ruler;
  • - Plumb;
  • - leveling compound;
  • - structural roller
Prior to the beginning of the facade finishing work, complete the exterior waterproofing of the building, the installation of the roof with all the connections, the installation and framing of all the architectural elements on the facade, fixing devices for drains and drain pipes. Clean the facades of dirt, dust, protruding salts and tar spots.
Make sure that the surface of the walls is flat. Vertically, there should be no deviations greater than 1-1.5 cm. To find out, attach a 2-meter ruler to the wall, adjusted by a plumb line or level. The distance between the wall and the ruler in uneven places should not exceed 1.5 cm. Align the areas exceeding this indicator with a layer of leveling mixture. Cut the small bumps with a chisel and, if necessary, level with mortar.
If the weather is dry outside, and the air temperature is above 22 degrees, make sure to moisten the wall sections of such small wall materials such as blocks and bricks before plastering.
You can apply the plaster manually using a scoop, brush, roller or trowel, as well as using a special machine. Working as a roller, keep the finish from top to bottom. Try to finish the wall in one step. Due to the possibility of applying the material in different ways, you can give the facade a variety of decorative effects.
Select the type of application of plaster in advance, because after drying, durable material will be extremely difficult to remove. To apply the solution using the Orange Peel, Bark Beetle, Needle Surface, Spit, or any other method, lay an even base layer on the wall using the trowel.
After a few hours, apply a second layer of trowel. Immediately after this, treat the surface with a structural rubber roller corresponding to the selected decorative effect. First, strictly in one direction, perform longitudinal movements with a roller, and then - transverse. Do an overlap in the previous half of the figure in half so that the transitions remain invisible.

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