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How to arrange the sale of the car?

Are you planning to buy a car? You can be congratulated on this important decision! Now, you must know how to make a purchase and sale of a car. After all, being fascinated by the choice of brand and model, you can forget that a car, like any other major acquisition, needs to issue special documents. They are issued depending on how you purchased the car - for cash or not, on credit or on lease. But there are a number of requirements that must be met in any case. How to issue a contract for the sale of the car?

You need to prepare a number of documents, such as: TCP; when buying a car in the cabin - a passport, with the hands - the passport of the buyer and seller; when purchasing a car for a legal entity, you must have your passport, company stamp, as well as a power of attorney (notarized) for its purchase; driver's license (if available).

Registration of the contract of sale of the car

The following items must be present in the contract:

  • a complete description of the car, including numbers, release date, color, and more;
  • the conditions under which the machine is provided for use;
  • Mandatory item - purchase price;
  • payment method - cash in hand or transfer to the seller’s account, but then do not forget to specify all the details in the contract;
  • personal data of the buyer and seller - the installation data for physical. Persons and passport for ordinary;
  • addresses and details of the parties;
  • transaction date;
  • signature, for legal entities also stamp.

What to do after registration of the contract?

It is worth considering that if you do not want to stand in line for the registration of the car, you must make an appointment in advance.

  • If you are a seller, then you need to provide information about the sale to the tax authority. First, the 3NDFL certificate is submitted, and later the tax itself is paid. However, it does not need to be paid to those who have owned a vehicle for more than three years.
  • If you are a buyer, then after registration of the papers you must register the purchased vehicle. For this, the following documents will be needed:
    1. the contract of sale;
    2. insurance CTP or CASCO;
    3. PTS.

Nuances at registration

It is best to look at those places in the contract in which it is easy, but very undesirable to make a mistake.

  1. The contract must be filled with all care, because one small mistake in a word or number will lead to a great loss of time.
  2. It is necessary to fill in the columns from the very beginning of the line in order to avoid adding information to empty spaces by another participant in the transaction. For the same purpose, in the empty part of the column should be a dash, and in the empty lines - the letter "z".
  3. Everywhere you need to specify the most complete information. For example, in paragraph 1.1, enter all the information provided in his documents. You can also write down information about the certificate of registration of the car, as well as state license plates.
  4. If you still made a mistake when filling in the PTS in the data or details of the new owner, but you managed to notice it, then you need to correct it, and in the column “Special Marks” write down “Corrected Believe” and sign for this postscript to both the seller and the buyer.

Pay attention to column 4.2 - in it you should list all the items that the seller sends to the buyer along with the car.These may be documents for a car or additional equipment; additional items (fire extinguisher, spare parts, winter tires, jack, warning triangle, etc.); key rings and car keys. If you are a buyer, be sure to check this information.


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