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How to be a sincere person

The first. A sincere person believes that he himself is worthy of love and acceptance. He has a sense of self-esteem and considers himself self-sufficient, that is, good enough to be loved. Everyone must tell himself that he is imperfect, but nevertheless he is worthy of love and acceptance.
The second. A sincere person has the courage to be imperfect. He is not afraid to have flaws, not afraid to admit and apologize for their mistakes. A sincere person is ready to open up before other people to the very depth of his soul. Allows others to see it. Build relationships with another person is impossible, as long as a person wants to become what he is not. You need to have the courage to abandon the imaginary ideas about yourself in favor of who the person really is.
Third. A sincere person is compassionate. He is kind and gentle towards himself. And it allows him to be kind and gentle towards other people. By accepting our own imperfection, we are ready to accept others.
Fourth. A sincere person is vulnerable. He recognizes that vulnerability is necessary and that it is an inherent property of life. A sincere person is ready to invest in relationships with other people without a guaranteed result, he is able to love without response, he does not have the mania to control and predict everything. Vulnerability gives freedom.

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