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How to be leading?

Since childhood, many have imagined themselves in the role of different successful people. Someone imagined himself a politician, someone dreamed of managing a large ocean liner, and someone dreamed of spotlights and stormy work on the set. In this article we will talk about the leading profession of our time.

What qualities does the leader need?

Many people associate this profession, as well as the desire to become a leader, rather with women than with men. But, as practice shows, the main thing is to possess the necessary qualities, such as a catchy appearance, beautiful voice, good attention and memory. Let's talk a little about the necessary personality traits and skills of this presenter:

  • One of the most important indicators is appearance (especially for the TV host). Many will think: "Everything is clear! Whoever is more beautiful is leading!" But not everything is so simple. A good, or rather, standard appearance is an appearance that does not go beyond the framework of understanding about attractiveness in the society in which the future presenter was born. In other words, a suitable person for a TV presenter’s position is a person with ordinary features who will look good on the screen. The beauty queen in front of the camera will simply distract the viewer from the information.And the main goal of the presenter is to adequately convey the facts to the viewer.
  • Quick response and good memory. It’s no secret that the shooting process (especially live broadcast) is a very complex, sometimes unpredictable action, where the attention of each team member is directed to the smooth operation of the studio. Sometimes there are situations when the presenter is left alone with the viewer in front of the camera without prompters and prompts. The most important thing is not to get lost and continue the broadcast with a confident tone, as if nothing happened. In this case, the leader is saved by the knowledge of the information material with which he works. And, of course, his experience.
  • Remember that the presenter is the bearer of the standard of the national language for the widest audience. Consequently, this person should be understood by both a professor of biological sciences and a fast-drinking drunk who listens to the “News” for background. In addition, it is necessary to comply with the norms of the language and provide information as the situation requires. If you think that the texts are made by other people, and the presenter simply recites it, then you are mistaken. It is the presenter who has to work out his text and observe all the nuances of its reproduction during the live broadcast, which is beyond the power of many.In addition, the presenter must be attentive to his speech apparatus. Voice timbre, diction, phrase phrasing, stress, and even facial expressions all affect the perception of information and your success as a presenter. Especially important is the work on the voice on the radio.

From university to the stars

Another important question is how to achieve a warm spot in front of the main lenses of your country's cameras? What begins the path leading?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that without philological education you will not be taken to such a position initially. The faculty of journalism or public relations is best suited. Therefore, if you are only planning your future life, humanitarian education will bring you closer to the cherished dream of becoming a leading one.

As in many other professions, experience in the field of mass media is very important for the career of a presenter. If you have just graduated from university or even study at senior courses, it is worth sending your resume to the editorial office of a city newspaper or to a television studio of a local TV channel. The second option may be more advantageous: after working for some time in a small position and having learned the profession "from the inside", you can become a reporter. And this is another step closer to the position of TV presenter.

Well, the most important thing that can help you is personal connections. Take up the construction of these links, barely get a job in the right field - this will ensure a good start for yourself. Next, you will need to think about how to establish contact with their colleagues. Keep in mind that spoiling relations with them is a bad way, because the competition for a leading position is huge.


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