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How to become an authority?

Surely, everyone in his life tends to be a leader. Being an authority means being a leader in a particular social circle or a certain area of ​​knowledge. Leaders are divided into formal and informal. The formal leader is usually appointed by the supervisor, and his main goal is to find a middle ground between the team and the superiors. The informal leader is the one for which people are drawn no matter what place he occupies and what he does in life. How to become an authority in your circle?

To become an authority: advice

Awareness of their own uniqueness

Authority can not be the one who is unsure of himself. Although it should be noted that self-confidence is a bad helper in winning leadership in a certain circle of people. The golden mean is an adequate and, of course, positive attitude towards oneself, awareness of oneself as a unique personality. In order to achieve this, there are the following simple exercises: - learn to see yourself in the mirror (try to look at yourself in the mirror image for 20 minutes a day and with all the shortcomings find the maximum of advantages,besides, learn to look into your eyes for a long time); - learn to praise yourself (positive in relation to yourself - this is an important moment on the way of regaining self-confidence); - learn to adequately assess your mistakes (learn to perceive them adequately, stay honest with yourself and do not try to shift the blame for your own mistakes on others).

The ability to answer for their actions and the actions of others

A leader is always different from other people in that you can almost always rely on him. An authoritative person is responsible for his own actions and supports others. If you approach with great responsibility what you are doing and believe in it, people will trust you.

The ability to listen to others, the ability to speak

If you know how to perfectly express your thoughts, you can find a response in the souls of those to whom you are applying, and if you know how to listen to people without interrupting, then there will be no price. Try mentally to note the time when you communicate with others (it helps to learn to listen carefully), and record your conversations with friends on the recorder (afterwards analyzing them and making the appropriate conclusions).When you learn to convey your thoughts to people, it will be easier to entice them with what you care about. The main thing is to believe in what you say, because people believe sincerity and easily understand when a person lies.

Independence of judgment

If you can express your opinion about many things without regard to the opinions of others - this is a huge plus, but first of all, in order to correctly form your own opinion, you need to learn how to collect information. The more information you have on an issue, the more confident your judgment will be. Do not look for a dispute, but do not be afraid to express what you think. And do not be afraid to admit your ignorance of a question.

Respect others

Respect yourself, but respect the people with whom you communicate. Only then will they begin to listen to you.

Ask for help

It is impossible to know everything. Getting knowledge from another person is always helpful.

If you have the patience to achieve all of the above, then you will gain the trust of others. They will see in you a reliable, integral and honest leader, and you will decide the question of how to become an authority.


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