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How to become full?

If for some reason you set out to grow fat, this article will help you figure out how to become full.

General recommendations

Often, thin people can not gain weight due to the rapid metabolism. Proper nutrition will help fight this problem. As you know, eating correctly is important not only for the correct functioning of the internal organs. Proper nutrition is an easy and fast way to get the desired forms. Unfortunately, the diet is only half the way to a beautiful body. The second half is physical activity.

Increase body weight

In order to increase body weight, you need:

  1. increase calorie intake of food. The body needs calories not only to ensure metabolism, but also for classes in the gym or at home. Malnutrition during training - it means not getting results. You will not gain weight. Moreover, you will spend the already existing fat reserves. Exceed the daily calorie intake for people with a normal physique by 2-3 times.
  2. observe diet. It is advisable to eat at the same time.Gastric juice in this diet is allocated in advance, thereby increasing the digestibility of food. In order not to experience discomfort, do not increase the dosage of food too dramatically. This can lead to abdominal pain. Use the planned amount of food throughout the day in small portions. Eat protein - thanks to them you will be able to gain mass.
  3. drink after exercise. It is very important to use the liquid after classes, because while working on your body you lose a lot of moisture and it needs to be replenished. A milk pack is the best choice for your body after a workout. In addition, animal proteins and carbohydrates enter the body with milk. One liter of milk will be enough to get drunk and “feed” the muscles.
  4. do strength training. Both men and women will find it difficult to achieve a beautiful body without strength training. To keep your muscles in good shape, a gym is best suited, where a specialist will help you. If there is no opportunity and time to go to the gym, you can do at home. Starting, of course, is better with basic exercises: push-ups and squats.In the future, the choice of exercises will depend on the desire to develop a particular group of muscles.
  5. relax. Of course, there can be no talk about weight gain, if you are constantly under stress and do not get enough sleep. Rest more, lead a healthy lifestyle, sleep at least 8 hours a day. After all, muscles are strengthened, and body weight does not increase during exercise, but during rest.

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