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How to get fat?

Anna Mikhailova
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How to get fat?

Not all people want to be thin, some, on the contrary, dreams of gaining weight. To become fat, however surprising it may sound, is sometimes as difficult as getting rid of extra pounds. In order to become fat in a short time and at the same time not to harm your health, you need to follow some tips.

Drink more fluid

Fluid is necessary not only to ensure the normal functioning of the body cells, but also to help it gain weight. To do this, it is recommended to drink not only clean water, but also milk, as well as various cocktails based on it. You can add special additives that contain carbohydrates and proteins.

Increase caloric intake

To gain weight, you need to increase the caloric content of your diet. This must be done gradually. First, eat 300-400 more calories, and then, when they stop providing weight gain, add another 500 to the diet, and so on, but do not overdo it.At the same time, it is necessary to increase the caloric content of food not at the expense of fatty and smoked dishes or confectionery, since you only harm your health. Here it is necessary to adhere to such recommendations:

  • Add salads with olive oil, hazelnuts and cheeses to salads;
  • Eat more starch-rich vegetables � corn, potatoes, millet, and so on;
  • For snacks, use dried fruits;
  • Add sour cream to chicken and fish dishes;
  • Instead of salt, use herbs and ferries;
  • When preparing sauces and mashed potatoes, add powdered baby milk;
  • Replace the pastry with berries made with whipped cream and nuts.
  • Eliminate from the diet fast food and sugary carbonated drinks - they contain sugar and harmful fats for the body.

Eat more often

To gain weight, you need to eat often - then the body will not take energy from subcutaneous fat. So, it is recommended to eat at least 5 times a day. This will avoid eating too large portions, keep the body in good shape and allow you to be energetic throughout the day.

Go in for sports

Thanks to physical training, you can not only lose weight, but also gain weight. After all, many exercises in bodybuilding contribute to the growth of muscle mass. Exercises with free weights that need to be performed at a fast pace are suitable for mass gain. It is recommended to do them every other day.


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