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How to become happy today

For moral stability you need an inexhaustible source of light and energy. You can become for yourself a ray of good and joy, support yourself in difficult moments. Ask yourself what is stopping you from becoming happy today? Make up several options for action in a specific situation, choose the best one and start acting.
Try every day to do what you like. If you're not happy with your work, try loving it. The ideal option is to do what you are willing to do all the time, even for a very small fee, the work of your life. Become happy today will help you the realization of their purpose and the ideal work for themselves.
Every day, make fun for yourself. Set aside time immediately after you wake up. Such pleasant thoughts will brighten up any morning. And all day you will look forward to wonderful moments. Remember that you can be happy today thanks to the cute little things, and use this opportunity to please yourself.
Learn to cope effectively with the troubles that can darken your happiness. In order not to suffer from a situation that brings you stress, you need to turn away from it, get distracted. Remember that each episode in your life carries a certain meaning. Think about why this happened to you, that the universe wanted to tell you, and try to find the pros in an unpleasant situation. Such a mood will be the key to a good mood, despite the hardships of life.

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