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How to trust people?

Some people lost confidence in others because they were often used and deceived. As a result, they close in their own little world, remaining alone. But this is not an option, because a person cannot live alone, he constantly communicates with other people. Below you can find out how to trust people.

Learning to trust people

When faith in people is lost and you do not expect anything good from life, you should try to regain trust in others, otherwise you risk lonely.

Find out why you are betrayed and cheated.

If people are constantly betraying you, you need to analyze the situation and try to find the reason for this. Perhaps you are behaving with respect to others not quite correctly, or you yourself often stabbed a knife in the back of close people. If this is so, then you need to change and try to support others and come to their aid: not because of self-interest, but because you want to do it. People will certainly appreciate such a gesture and begin to trust you. And thanks to mutual trust it will be possible to build warm relations.

If you have been betrayed more than once, try to understand the reasons for this.What motivated a person to this? Having found the answers to these questions, it will be possible in the future not to make mistakes and not to trust such people.

Leave in the past insults and betrayals

If you are often betrayed by people and you keep evil on them, try to get rid of the offenses, leave them in the past. After all, this is an extra burden that only harms you. Start from scratch, try to believe in people again. To do this, make new acquaintances, try to build friendships, communicate more with people, interact with them, ask them for help in this or that matter. As a result, you will be able to regain faith, without which it is very difficult to live.

Don't wait for the backstab

It has long been observed that fear attracts negative events. If you are afraid to trust people and constantly expect from them a stab in the back, then you will definitely get it in the near future. Do not think about the bad, you should radiate only positive waves. If you have been betrayed many times, this does not mean that it will happen next time. Do not turn to people who wish you well, back, better smile at them and let them into your life. Try to do this with one person, for sure you get close. It is not necessary to see an enemy in every passer-by, look for friends among them, and you will definitely find them.Look at the world positively and understand that all people are different and they sometimes make mistakes, and you are no exception.

Exercises to trust people

Exercise will help people to believe again. You need to lie down or network and relax. You can count from 50 to 1. Imagine yourself on the river bank, look at it, admire the surrounding landscape. Sit down on a stone, put one hand in the water and tell the river about all the betrayals and offenses that were inflicted on you. Ask the river to pick them up from you. After that, you can thank her and open your eyes. Start from scratch, forget about your past forever and communicate with people with faith in your soul. You can do this exercise on the river bank, then the effect will be better.

There is also another exercise that allows you to return the trust to people. Take a pen and a piece of paper. Divide it into 2 parts. In the first one write the situations in which you were betrayed and deceived, and in the second - they helped. When done, re-read your notes, then tear the paper into 2 pieces; the first, which describes the negative situations, burn, imagining how the fire takes all the negative from your life.Re-read the second part and keep it before your eyes. When you get into trouble, take the sheet in your hands and read everything written on it. So you will be charged with a positive, and your faith in people will only get stronger.

Are you exaggerating too much?

People tend to make an elephant out of a fly and often exaggerate reality. Perhaps you are just biased towards people and pay attention to the little things. Try to disengage from all this and get rid of excessive suspicion, then life will play with bright colors and faith in people will return. It is very important to look at the situation from different angles, then its understanding will come and emotions will go away.

Trust but check

It is necessary to believe people, but it is better to check them, especially for new friends. So that they do not betray you, try to spread less about your life, and if a new acquaintance seems suspicious to you, listen to your intuition and keep it, as people say, at arm's length. You can even provoke a situation in which you will urgently need his help, and look at the reaction of the person.If he turns away from you, then your intuition is right, you should continue to be guided by your feelings. Well, if a new friend immediately offered help and took any action, then you can later rely on this person. In this case, your suspicions were based on negative experiences, and you almost lost a friend because of this.


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