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How to brew green tea?

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How to brew green tea?

Green tea is a drink of light green color, has a very delicate aroma of herbs.

Green tea is a drink for the manufacture of which use flushes (that is, shoots of a tea plant). In general, green tea includes: minerals, amino acids, proteins, alkaloids (in particular caffeine), essential oils and vitamins.

It has long been known about the healing properties of green tea. With it, you can treat the depletion of the nervous system, improve digestion, reduce blood pressure, in addition, green tea is recommended for vascular diseases. Due to its caffeine content, tea is very good for headaches, provided that it is not very brewed. Green tea also has a tonic effect and is a very good antidepressant.

How to brew green tea and green Chinese tea?

First of all, the kettle in which you put the tea leaves - you need to rinse and reheat (as later- may cool down leading to improper brewing of tea). Therefore, the kettle must be heated from all sides. To do this, you just need to rinse it with boiling water.

For brewing green tea is best suited soft water with a low content of mineral salts (ideal: live spring water). Filtered water is not suitable.

In no case should pour green tea with boiling water. Her temperature should be about 85-90 degrees. It is necessary to boil water and then allow it to cool to the above temperature.

Kettle must be filled with water at a third volume. Then you need to try to close the kettle as quickly as possible. And in order to preserve the aromatic oils longer, it is advisable to cover the kettle with a towel. Green tea is infused in the first brew for about 2 minutes (but in general it depends on the hardness of the water and tea can be infused from 2 to 10 minutes), after which it is poured into the chahai, and from there into the cups.

Regarding the dosage is an individual question. Each brews to your taste, but usually count: for one teaspoon of tea - 200 ml of water.

How to determine if tea is brewed? This is evidenced by the appearance of foam: it must be stirred with a spoon, or if there is a not very pleasant smell, remove it carefully.

How many times can you brew green tea?

You can brew green tea several times. It depends on the type of tea. With each new brewing - tea will have a different taste. Usually brew about five times.

So, as mentioned above: in the first fill, the kettle must be filled to one third of the volume, in the second fill - to fill half the kettle, in the third and subsequent fillings - the kettle is filled with water by three fourths, then wait 2 minutes and fill it up completely. With each pouring, the time of brewing green tea should be slightly increased.

When brewing green tea should: quickly drain it and not brew too hard, in order to avoid the appearance of a bitter taste.

Due to the high content of various substances that have a direct effect on the body, it is not recommended to drink green tea more than half a liter a day. Also, do not drink this drink at night. Since it contains a large amount of caffeine and then it will be problematic to fall asleep.

Why drink green tea? This is an individual question. Often they drink it with honey and other sweets. You may well add sugar to your taste in green tea, but experts say that with it you will not be able to appreciate the full flavor and versatility of the aroma of tea.


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