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How to buy an apartment in installments from the developer

Apartments in installments today offer many development companies. For buyers such a proposal developers are very profitable. Mortgage, despite the state subsidizing the program, is still difficult to obtain, and the bank interest is still inaccessible to many. In addition, to buy an apartment in installments, you just need to show a passport.

There are several options for such a purchase. Interest-free installment is valid, as a rule, no more than two years. The term of the interest now reaches 10 years. In order to arrange installments, you must select a suitable apartment. After that, the developer will calculate, taking into account the amount of the initial payment, the monthly payments for the entire period of "lending". Get the keys most often possible by paying 50% of the value of the apartment under the contract. Exact figures need to be specified for a specific residential complex.

After the preliminary purchase agreement has been signed (and most likely it will be him), the developer will offer to provide electrician and water supply projects, pay for the communal flat several months in advance and you can start repair work. Often, the management company obliges to sign the procedure for the repair, the exact time of noisy work (in different LCDs it can be yours).

Payments to the account of the developer must be transferred monthly, before the specified date in the contract. After the entire amount specified in the document has been paid, the construction company will offer to sign the main contract, which must be registered in Rosreestr. Thus, the owner will be able to issue an apartment as property only after the full amount under the contract has been paid. Prior to this, housing belongs to the developer, which is risky.


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