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How to calculate the ideal weight?

Diets, weight loss, ideal weight, perfect figure. These concepts seem to have become fundamental, especially among the female population. But what does it mean? Who can say what weight is perfect? Why do girls and women constantly strive to lose weight? Experienced nutritionists say in a voice that before you follow a diet with a desire to lose weight, you need to know that there is an ideal weight for a girl. You can calculate weight today using various calculators and formulas. And you can calculate the most appropriate weight for both women and men. Read our article, calculate your ideal body weight and think, perhaps you don’t need any diet, you just have to maintain your weight.

How to calculate the ideal weight: formulas

First, let's see what it means to ideal weight. All developed calculators and formulas calculate weight, indicating to which bar (lower bound) you can lose weight without a threat to health and to which upper bound you can add weight without the same threat (obesity). Thus, the ideal is that it is not harmful to health.

Perhaps the most popular today is the formula for calculating the ideal weight according to Brock (Paul Broca, French anthropologist). It is simple and quite close to reality. Suitable for calculating the ideal weight of adults only.

  • If your height is up to 165 cm: you take 100 from height (in cm). Result = your weight.
  • If your height is from 166 to 175 cm: you take 105 from height.
  • Growth from 176 to 185 and above: subtract 110.
  • Height from 186 cm and up: subtract 115.

Example: with height 168 cm: 168-105 = 63 (kg) Brock's ideal weight.

But it is worth making an amendment. Everyone knows that there are different body types. They should be considered when calculating the ideal weight. The method of calculating the ideal weight of Broca does not take into account this. These amendments must be made to the result obtained using Brock’s formula.

Determine what type you are, you can measure the girth of the wrist. Conventionally, there are three body types.

Indicators for women:

  • lean body type (asthenic): wrist girth less than 16 cm;
  • normal: 16.5 to 18 cm;
  • broad bone (hypersthenic): more than 18 cm.

Indicators for men:

  • thin type: wrist girth less than 17 cm;
  • normal: 17.5 to 20 cm;
  • broad bone: more than 20 cm.

So, if you have a thin (asthenic) body type, subtract another 10% from the result calculated by Brock’s formula. If hypersthenic - add 10% to the result. The normal type does not need correction.

There is a famous nutritionist - Ducan. His method of weight loss is quite popular in the West. How to calculate the ideal weight for DuCan, can be found here:.

Fill out the entire questionnaire, and at the end click "Calculate GO". Calculate your ideal weight for free and get recommendations easily!

BMI: Matching Ideal Weight

BMI is the body mass index. It is rather a way to determine how much your body weight corresponds to the ideal (or rather even optimal) or how much it deviates from this ideal and in what direction. With this method you can calculate the ideal weight online for free.

To calculate the body mass index itself, you need to use the following formula:

  • Raise your height (in meters) to the square. For example: Your height is 168 cm or 1.68 m, then: 1.68 * 1.68 = 2.82.
  • Then divide your weight (in kg) by height in a square. For example: your weight is 55 kg, then: 55: 2.82 = 19.5.

BMI = 19.5 (units). Body mass index is measured in units.

What to do next? Determine which border your BMI is.

The norm is from 19 to 25 units. Anything below 19 is underweight; that above 25 is overweight. At the beginning, we already talked about upper and lower bounds. We see that between 19 and 25 is quite a tangible gap in the norm. So remember that 25 is the upper limit, that is, you need to watch your weight, so as not to go into the category of people with excess weight. 19 - the lower limit, that is, you do not need a diet for weight loss, maintain weight, a small weight gain will not affect your health much.


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