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How to calm the cat?

At the beginning of each spring, our pet season begins during the mating season. In this period of time, they try to break out into the street, sing serenades for days and days, mark every corner, causing a lot of trouble to their owners. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you how to calm the March cat.

In spree

The most natural solution to the problem is to go to your pet's persuasion and put it on the street for adventure. The cat will take a walk and will be back soon. He will be all dirty, tired, but peaceful and happy. You will also need to sanitize the prodigal cat. You will need to wash it with off-flow shampoo and give it to eat a cure for worms. But if you live in a high-rise building, not far from roads or highways, then of course this way you obviously will not work.

How to calm the cat drugs

In each pet store you can buy a large number of drops or tablets that can cool the temper and ardor of a pet, but, truth, only for a while.All drugs for especially temperamental cats and cats are divided into 2 groups: hormonal and sedative.

For example, the “cat baiun” and “stop stress” drugs are considered to be soothing. These drops on the basis of medicinal herbal promises complete calm for pets. They are less harmful, but less effective than hormonal drugs. Hormonal drugs: “gestrenol”, “contrasex”, “stop sex”, “libidomine”, “sex barrier” are stronger and are sold separately for “girls” and “boys”. But it is better not to abuse these drugs, since the hormonal components include side effects - from the disruption of the generic function to the most serious oncological diseases.

How to calm the cat hormonal injection

This method will cost you more than a tablet, but your pet, according to the promises of the manufacturers, will lose interest in the opposite sex for about 6 months. Hormonal injections are divided into veterinary and medical. In principle, nothing special, they do not differ, except that only the price. But, unfortunately, not every veterinarian will be able to advise you to do such an injection,because it can be fraught with side effects and complications. Most specialists will recommend sterilization.

How to calm the cat by sterilization

  • From the age of eight months, cats and cats already can and should be sterilized, unless of course in the future, you are not going to engage in animal breeding. It is worth noting that there is no need to believe the myth, as if to sterilize a cat, it must first be tied at least once.
  • Sterilized cats and cats are less aggressive, they become affectionate and calm, and it is not by chance that an operation is recommended to correct behavior, and cats, by the way, stop marking their territory. But the main thing - sterilization will help solve the issue of the cat's personal life forever. When castration, cats or ligation of the spermatic cord, or completely remove the testicles. This operation is quite simple, performed under general anesthesia and relatively quickly. With cats, the situation is much more complicated. During surgery, abdominal surgery occurs. Either the ovaries themselves are removed, if the cat has not yet given birth and is young, or all the reproductive organs and the uterus are completely.The second option is used more often for adults and individuals who have already given birth, so that there is an opportunity to reduce the risk of subsequent cancer, or purulent infections.
  • Usually, cats make a small incision either on the abdomen (operation on the white line), or on the side. At the moment, most veterinary clinics offer surgery with a lateral incision, explaining that the care for animals after surgery is minimal, and the pet will be able to quickly return to a full existence. But still, highly qualified veterinarians still do not give recommendations for this type of surgery, since it is considered more dangerous and traumatic for the abdominal organs and requires a lot of experience and skill from the surgeon.
  • If you are working, ask for time off on the day of the operation, because your pet will need your care and attention within a day after the operation at least. After the consciousness returns to the pet, he will most likely want to escape somewhere, jump onto a height. Do not let him jump, and especially move too much. It is worth considering that after anesthesia, cats often freeze, so it is better to cover it with a blanket or a sheet and place a heating pad with warm water next to it.And the most important thing - make sure that the cat does not begin to lick the seam, which you will process by certain means prescribed by a veterinarian. If necessary, if the pet will still try to lick the sore spot, dress him with an "Elizabethan collar", which can be purchased at a veterinary store. A cat will have a seam more, therefore, it will hurt more strongly, and therefore, she will have to wear a blanket after the operation, which she will put on in a veterinary clinic.
  • In the first 10 days, replace the filler in the cat litter with a regular newspaper, and for the prevention of urolithiasis, it is necessary to transfer the pet to the food for sterilized animals.

I think that now you know exactly how to calm the March cat, and it will be absolutely not difficult for you to do it.


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