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How to calm the child on the plane?

If you are going to fly with your child, and you are worried about his possible moods and bad behavior, then find out effective ways to calm down. Use them to stay in air transport was comfortable and calm.

Why do children fuss on airplanes?

Children are naughty when flying for a variety of reasons, among which it is worth noting:

  • fatigue and overwork due to a trip to the airport, long check-in, waiting for a flight;
  • fear (many are afraid of flights, including children);
  • new unknown environment;
  • limited space (in the cabin is unlikely to be able to run and frolic, you have to be in the same place);
  • boredom, lack of interesting activities and entertainments;
  • discomfort (due to uncomfortable clothing, sitting, prolonged staying in one position, and so on);
  • laying the ears due to pressure drops (this is very unpleasant and painful);
  • an attempt to attract attention: yours, other passengers.

How to solve a problem?

How can I quickly calm the child on the plane? Consider effective ways:

  1. Favorite toy quickly entertain and take the child. And still such a dear and dear plush friend will help the baby to calm down and pull himself together.
  2. You can breastfeed a small infant. Firstly, frequent swallowing normalizes pressure in the ears and relieves pain, secondly, the little one will satisfy hunger, thirdly, he will feel mother's warmth and calm down quickly. In addition, many babies sweetly fall asleep when feeding, and this will definitely benefit.
  3. If possible, offer the child to walk along the board. This will allow you to change the tired posture, stretch your legs, see something new.
  4. Look together through the window. If the sky is cloudless, from the airplane window you can see a lot of interesting things. But the method is only suitable if one of the places is located at the window.
  5. Offer your child a smartphone or tablet. Even if parents are opposed to the use of such devices in childhood, yet in emergency situations, you can forget about the rules. But the child will be able to watch a favorite or a new cartoon or photo, play a fascinating development game.It will distract, calm and help pass the time, making the flight more comfortable.
  6. Juice, water, milk, smoothies or yogurt. Such drinks can be offered in a bag with a straw, a non-spill cup, a bottle. Drinking not only gives pleasure and pleasant sensations, but also allows you to forget about discomfort in the ears after frequent numerous swallowing.
  7. A game. You can arrange a role-play or a story-telling game, play in words or cities, sea battle, tic-tac-toe.
  8. A tale or story. Start telling your child something interesting, or even suggest continuing the story and come up with a new storyline, consider different scenarios. It is interesting and exciting.
  9. Creation. Suggest a chad to fly, draw, write a poem or write a story about a flight or any other event while flying.
  10. Hug a child, pat him on the head, calm him down, show that you are near, love the child and are ready to help in any situation.

Proper preparation for the flight - a guarantee of peace of the child

The flight will be comfortable and calm, if you prepare for it carefully and in advance.

  • First, you need to choose an airline loyal to young passengers and providing comfortable conditions for children on board. It is advisable to trust a large and well-known airline with a good reputation. These are Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Emirates. It is equally important to find comfortable places. Finally, try to choose the time of departure and arrival, which will fit into the mode.
  • Secondly, put on the baby the most comfortable loose clothing. And it is better to choose something light and take with you a warm thing: this way the child will not get tired and be able to warm up if he suddenly freezes.
  • Third, take care of meals on board. Find out the menu in advance and find out if there are any dishes in it that the child eats or loves. If there are none, take your usual meal with you, after knowing what products may be on board.
  • Fourthly, hold an educational conversation with your child in advance. Tell us that, capricious and crying, it will distract all passengers and, more importantly, flight attendants and pilots, and this is very dangerous. But this option is suitable if the baby is old enough and intelligent. It is also worth talking about the upcoming flight, to tell how it will be held.
  • Fifth, take something with you that will remind you of the house and bring more positive impressions.This can be a favorite toy, soft blanket, bottle, family photo, book or something else. The kid will feel calmer in unfamiliar surroundings and will be able to overcome fear.
  • Sixth, grab on board something new and interesting: a specially purchased original toy, a book with vivid illustrations, and coloring.

The flight with the child will be comfortable if you figure out ways to calm the baby and prepare in advance for the event. Good luck and patience!

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