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How to catch a bee?

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How to catch a bee?

Becoming a beekeeper is not an easy task, requiring theoretical training and material investments. But financial costs can be slightly reduced by catching, rather than buying, a swarm of bees. The article outlines the main recommendations on how to catch a swarm of bees.

Bee fishing

Method 1

The easiest way to catch bees is to make a trap out of a large cardboard box.


  • cardboard box;
  • Scotch;
  • framework for honeycombs.


  1. We glue a box 30 cm wide, 49 cm high and at least 30 cm long.Bee fishing
  2. We nail two slats for the frames, put a lap with propolis on top.
  3. In front of the box we cut out the entrance.
  4. We put in our trap 5-7 frames. In principle, the number of frames can be any, but empirically proved that the average bee swarm occupies a space equal to 6 frames. Therefore, if the framework is small, the swarm may not want to settle in such a cramped house. And a larger quantity is an unreasonable waste of materials and inventory. Not all frames should be with ready-made honeycombs. 1-2 is enough.
  5. We fix the cover with scotch tape and you can start installing it.

The obvious advantage of this method is extreme efficiency. He also has a huge disadvantage: the first rain will turn your trap into a piece of crumpled cardboard. In this case, it is better to consider the second way how to catch a swarm of bees with a trap.

Method 2

We will catch bees by the same principle, but we will make a trap out of plywood. Of course, it is quite possible to use boards for this purpose, chipboard. However, with this design it will be necessary to climb a tree to a height of 4-6 meters. Therefore, plywood, 4-5 mm thick, is ideal for our purposes.


  • plywood;
  • nails;
  • a hammer;
  • framework for honeycombs;
  • saw;
  • stapler

Collecting traps

  1. The dimensions of the finished box will be approximately the same as in the first version.Bee fishing
  2. In the front panel, we cut out the entrance and we nail a small bar. It will be the "threshold" for the bees.
  3. With the help of a furniture stapler or nails, we nail the front and back parts to the bottom, as well as bars for the frames.
  4. We attach side walls to the resulting construction.
  5. Roof size should be slightly larger than the bottom.
  6. Set the frame, cover them with propolis canvas. 1-2 of them must be with honeycombs.
  7. On the inside of the roof we beat the two slats so that it fits tightly into the hive.

How now in our trap to catch a swarm of bees? There is no answer to this question that would guarantee success. You place a trap on a tree and check it every 10 days. To increase your chances, make 2-3 traps and consider some recommendations for their installation.

Setting traps

  1. The easiest way to catch bees in the woods located between settlements, which already have apiaries. The fact is that bees sometimes “run away” from their owners and decide to live an independent life. This is where your trap comes in handy.
  2. The place for installation must be dry, close to the cutting or glade.
  3. The height does not play a special role, but if there is a chance that someone fromBee fishingthe locals will borrow it, better hang it higher.
  4. The trap is attached to the tree with a rope.
  5. Try to set traps until the end of May. It was in May that bees were first swarming. And the more swine gets into the period when your traps are set, the more chances to catch a swarm, grow a full-fledged family out of it and in the summer to get your first honey.

Here are all the basic tips on how to catch bees.If you have incomprehensible moments how to catch a swarm of bees, watch the training video.


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