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How to change the name on Facebook?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
February 13, 2013
How to change the name on Facebook?

Very often, people make mistakes when they decide to register in the social network not their name. Time passes, and in the graph of friends there is no one, then the user wants to correct the error and change his data, in particular, change the name on Facebook, so that friends know who to start communicating with and share impressions with.

Change your name to Facebook

  1. Find the right corner at the top of the page and launch the menu.
  2. From the menu, select the column "Account Setup".
  3. Then select the line "Edit" item "Name".
  4. Change the name, surname. You can also specify your nickname, but not in the main personal data.
  5. After the procedure, save everything and check the changes.

Restrictions and requirements

  • You can change the name several times, but not constantly. This limitation is due to the fact that people sometimes use the network for other purposes.
  • If your data has changed the site administration, then self-replacement will become impossible.
  • All questions can be asked to the creators of the site through feedback.

All changes take effect in one day. The administration does not need to ask permission, unlike other social networks.

We hope our article has helped you figure out how to change your name on Facebook.


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