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How to change the password on the computer?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
April 23, 2013
How to change the password on the computer?

In order to ensure maximum security of information on a PC or laptop, you will need to put passwords on them. However, as practice shows, such a measure is not always enough. But there is a way out. It is necessary from time to time to change the password, then the protection increases significantly. Moreover, this procedure does not take much time, and there is a lot of benefit from it. But not everyone knows how to change the password on the computer, and this can be done in several ways.

Through the start menu

The easiest and most accessible method is to go to Start, open the control panel, and then select the User Accounts section, where you need to check in the user login settings, check the Use Welcome page option. If the screen is used greetings, then you will need to uncheck. This measure allows to increase the security of the login.

Then, in the list of accounts, go to the user settings for which you want to create a password, click the "Change password" link and enter a new password, and then confirm it.

Tricky way

For advanced users, the following method is suitable. You need to open "Start", then "Run", then in the opened line you should enter the cmd command, as a result of which the command line will open, into which you will need to enter this phrase: net user username password. And username is the name under which the account was registered in the system, and password is the new password. If everything was done correctly, the phrase “The command was executed successfully” appeared on the command line.

Use the control userpasswords2 command

You can also change the password as follows: open “Start”, then “Run”, where you should enter the control userpasswords2 command in its line, which will open the account management window, where you can select a user and assign a password to it. Now you know how to change the password on the computer, and your data will be protected.


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