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How to change the size of the icons?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
January 25, 2013
How to change the size of the icons?

It happens that the standard settings of a computer or laptop do not suit you at all. So, people with poor eyesight often want the icons on the screen to be larger than usual. There are also normal settings failures: when you turn on the computer, you see that the icons have become too huge, and they need to be reduced. How to solve this problem? How to resize desktop icons?

To begin, we call the context menu by right-clicking on an empty space on the desktop. When the above menu appears in front of you, you need to glance over its contents. Here you can see a lot of different settings. You have to select the "Properties" item by clicking on it with the right mouse button. After that, a window with different tabs will appear on the desktop (“Themes”, “Desktop”, “Screensaver”, “Design”, “Parameters”). We need "Options."

Using the mouse, right-click to select "Options" and find the tab "Screen Extension". This section looks like a horizontal scale with tick marks.These tick marks indicate the number of dots per inch. There is also a "slider". With it, you can adjust the size of the desktop, icons and windows. The smallest value is 800x600 pixels. The highest value is 1280x800 points. You can easily adjust their value for themselves. The less points you set, the more desktop objects will become. But their quality will suffer, a blurring effect may be created. If we do everything the other way around, then we will observe clear, but small icons.

As you yourself understand, you do not need to be a computer genius to figure out how to change the size of the icons. Now we will consider options for resizing icons in Windows 7. There are two ways.


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