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How to charm a man?

The fact that the object of love interest does not reciprocate, all women react differently. Someone gives up, someone begins to think about decisive actions - even how to bewitch a man.

Such a desire in the modern world may seem strange, but in fact there is nothing surprising in it. It is believed that women are particularly sensitive to all sorts of otherworldly things and are initially endowed with magical nature. Therefore, resorting to various magical rituals, women do not so much study them from scratch as they re-recall.

How to charm a man with the help of white magic

Many women are afraid to start a love spell - and no wonder, because most often such complex rituals are attributed to black magic. Black magic is much more difficult and heavier in its effects than white magic, it can cause harm both to an inexperienced woman and to the object of her passion. Therefore, if this is not to your liking, it is worthwhile to charm a man at home, using white magic.

White magic is harmless and is based primarily on the energy impact on the object of your passion. You can charm a man, skillfully using the most simple things - for example, food.

Love spell

Cooking your own hands is a special ritual, which women today are often neglected over a pile of household and work affairs. And at the same time, carving up meat with their own hands, adding natural seasonings to food, any woman fills food with her own energy. When a man eats food cooked by this woman, her energy enters his body, is carried to the blood.

For the love spell with the help of food, you will need very fresh meat (which is why it is best to buy it on the market), as well as strong love potions. The main of these spices is red pepper, you may also need cilantro, coriander and parsley - they arouse sexual desire in a man. If you are cooking pastries or sweets, add vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg to them, reading the following words as you cook:

"Like this food that the Slave of God prepared (your name) will be desired, just let it be desirable for the Slave of God (the name of the one you want to bewitch) I, the Slave of God (your name). Amen."

Understand whether the spell has worked, you will help article How behaves bewitched.

Other rituals for love spell

If you don’t have the opportunity to feed a man with food prepared by your hands, try using other rituals for a love spell.

For example, you can take a small magnet and a pair of small iron objects. Imagine that one of the objects symbolizes you, and the other - the man you love. Connect these things with each other with a magnet, then hide in a secluded place and wait for the ritual to work.

Very effective is the enchantment of the photo. For this you need a clear picture of your beloved man and the same is yours. At sunset, put these photos on the table, then after sunset, sit behind him, turn the pictures face down. Just sit for a few minutes, thinking of your beloved man and relaxing. After that, turn your photo over, write the name of the object of your passion on it, and write your photo on it. Fold the photos with faces to each other, then arm yourself with a bright red thread and a sturdy needle and carefully sew them together. At the same time it is necessary to pronounce the following words:

"I knit the Slave of God (the name of your beloved) indissolubly with the Slave of God (your name) with strong and unbreakable bonds."

Cut the thread and put the photos in a clean white envelope. Seal it with a new wax candle, saying the words:

"I seal the servant of God (your name) with the servant of God (the name of a man) forever!"


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