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How to check in for a flight?

Angelica Artemyeva
Angelica Artemyeva
January 10, 2013
How to check in for a flight?

Today, you can register for a flight in several ways. The most popular of them are:

  • Check-in at the airport counter
  • Register online,
  • Registration in special terminals.

Registration at the reception

This is the most traditional way to check in for a flight. In order to register, you just need to go to a special counter, show your passport and ticket (in the case of buying an electronic ticket you show only a passport), check in your luggage and get your boarding pass. It should be borne in mind that on most international flights, check-in begins three hours before the departure of the aircraft, and ends forty minutes later. Therefore, in order to avoid being late for the flight, you should arrive at the airport with a large amount of time.

Registration in special terminals

Registration in special terminals, which are now equipped with many airports in the world, allows you to avoid the queue.This way how to check in for a flight is quite convenient. You simply select your flight number in a special electronic menu, enter your passport number (this is necessary to confirm your identity), choose the most convenient free space for you and get a boarding pass. If you fly without baggage, but only with hand luggage, you can immediately go to passport control or customs inspection (in the case of an international flight), if you have luggage, you will still have to visit the reception desk to check in your bags. and bags.

The disadvantage of this method of registration is that if a family or a company flies at the same time, then there is no guarantee that you will take places nearby. The fact is that check-in takes place separately for each passenger, therefore their passport details are entered for each passenger. And if you, for example, took a place by the window, then at that moment, as you enter the data of your companion, someone can pick up a place near yours.

Online registration

Check-in for flights online is available only to owners of electronic tickets, directly on the airline's website no earlier,than 24 hours before departure of your flight. It is also worth noting that not all airlines offer their passengers such a service. To understand how to check in for a flight online, you just need to go to the carrier’s website, select the “check-in” tab in me, and then follow the instructions. You will need to enter your passport information, as well as the date of departure and flight number. When registering online, the boarding coupon must be printed and taken with you to the airport. It must be presented at passport control, as well as at check-in of your baggage.


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