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How to check the account on the card of Sberbank

How to check the account on the card of SberbankThe payment banking system and Sberbank cards have become firmly established in the life of every second citizen of the Russian Federation. But, despite the fact that e-commerce greatly simplifies life, there is always one question - how to check an account on the Sberbank card via the Internet and telephone, in order to always control the flow of funds. In this article we will look at several ways that allow you to check the balance on the account of your card.

How to check the account on the card through an ATM?

To check the balance on the card from Sberbank, you can use an ATM that belongs to this financial institution. Undoubtedly, it is possible to conduct such a reconciliation on the device of any other institution, but in this case, a large percentage of the commission must be paid.

To find out the account on the card you need to do the following manipulations:

  1. Insert your card into the ATM device and enter the PIN.
  2. Choose from the appeared menu the option “Request balance”.In this case, the service will offer you either print the balance on the check, or view it on the screen.
  3. Select your option - any one of them is carried out free of charge.
  4. Done! The balance will be displayed or displayed as a check.

How to check the account on the card of Sberbank

Check with the service "Mobile Bank"

The easiest way is to reconcile the cash balance using the Mobile Bank service, thanks to which you can control your account without leaving the house. In order to find out how much money is left on the card, you need to do the following operations:

  1. Send SMS to the short number “900”, in the text of which you need to indicate “01” and the last 5 digits which are indicated on the front side of the bank card.
  2. For example, if the Sberbank card number is 12345678 123655155, then your request should look like this:

«900 0155155»

This service will be provided free of charge in the first 2 months of use. Then the monthly payment will be 30 rubles. Consider also the cost of each SMS, which will be charged in accordance with the terms of the mobile operator.

How to check the account on the card of Sberbank

How to check the balance on card Sberbank through a call-center

You can find out your cash balance using the automated menu of the call-center. To do this, you need to do a number of simple manipulations:

  1. Dial the phone number listed on the back of the card.
  2. In order to identify the system user, the operator will request your card number, as well as a special digital code that the Sberbank client receives when opening and activating the card.
  3. You will have access to a voice menu in which you can select the desired function and ways to display the cash balance.
  4. The resulting balance can also be printed via fax.
  5. Done!

How to check the account on the card of Sberbank

Check the balance through the phone

The quickest way to check an account online is by means of a mobile phone. This service is completely free and for its implementation you will need to follow these guidelines:

  1. Type "88002003747" on the mobile keyboard.
  2. Wait for the activation of the answering machine and press "#", then your card number and again "#".
  3. Then, in numerical order, enter the first 3 letters of the code word being used. To do this, use the principle that the typed letter will be equal to the ordinal number that is on the key.
  4. After you enter the code number, press "#" again.
  5. In the menu that appears, press the number "1".
  6. Done! The device answering machine will dictate the balance of your cash account.

How to check the account on the card of Sberbank

Thus, we considered the most popular and effective ways to check the balance of Sberbank. Each method has its advantages and you can safely choose the best way for yourself to simplify the use of banking services.


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