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How to check the firmware nokia 5800

You will need
  • Nokia 5800 mobile phone, Updater program.
As a rule, all phone models go on sale with the manufacturer's firmware. No exception is the Nokia 5800 mobile device. At the moment, the situation is such that this device is released with several firmware versions. Therefore, if necessary, you can independently determine the version directly at the point of sale or at home, if, for example, you already have a phone for a long time.
Of course, the easiest way to check the Nokia 5800 firmware is to dial the combination * # 0000 # on your mobile device. This code is the most famous and common among users of cell phones. It will allow you to easily display a table with all the firmware data, as well as its version, in seconds. After the necessary information is obtained, the user can proceed to self-updating and improving the basic functions of the firmware.
There is another opportunity to find out the firmware number on the Nokoa 5800 phone. You can download the Update software from the official Nokia web resource.Then install the application on your personal computer. Then connect your mobile device to it. All these simple steps will display the data on the Nokia 5800 firmware on the PC screen and show which version was installed on the cell phone last.
It is worth noting that all these simple steps will help you quickly determine the version of the firmware of the cell. And also to avoid fraud in case you buy the phone not at a certified point of sale, but “out of hand”. Thus, you can save not only your money, but also time, since

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