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How to choose a choker?

June 14, 2018
How to choose a choker?

A choker is a tight-fitting necklace, bandage, or ribbon. The history of this accessory begins from the time of the Indians, but the fashion for it reached its peak in the nineties of the last century. As you know, trends are cyclical, and modern stylish images also include this decoration. Choker can be bought in many stores. However, it should be chosen and combined with caution, such an element cannot be called universal.


The materials from which such a necklace is offered are striking in their diversity. Here you can find various metals, stones, pearls, as well as leather, textiles, threads, fishing line and even plastic.

Chokers differ in style:

  • Victorian. English luxury is manifested in such models in the form of velvet and satin materials, precious stones and miniatures.
  • Hippie. Sundresses made of flying natural materials can be supplemented with necklaces with feathers, wooden beads, natural leather inserts.
  • Rock. The culture of heavy metal and punk music has brought many trends to the fashion world.Chokers are not an exception, here thorns, leather, and rivets will be appropriate.
  • Minimalism. Such an accessory will suit everyday wear, successfully complementing shirts, not fastened under the throat, and plain sweaters with deep cleavage. It is important that such an image is not too defiant. A necklace made of the same fabric as the main type of clothing will ideally be combined.
  • Evening. Decorated with massive stones and brooches, such accessories will complement a little black dress or classic styles "to the floor."
  • Male. Despite the fact that these decorations are considered feminine, designers offer men also to try them on as a complement to the stylish image.


So that such an accessory does not spoil the image, does not look comical or defiant, it is important to abandon other massive products. The only exception may be long, thin chains with pendants that complement the style of the choker.

It is also important to remember that the decoration, so fitting the neck, visually makes it shorter. Therefore, you should consider the features of the complexion when choosing an accessory.

Where to buy?

The range in ordinary jewelry stores may not be large enough, so you should choose a place where there are many different decorations. This can be considered an online store RADA Accessories.


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