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How to choose a dishwasher in a cafe

Friends open a small cafe, asked to help them find a dishwasher. I do not understand the professional, I have a simple small car at home. Found a website selling dishwashers Tell me what to look for? I would be grateful for any tips
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Answered May 2, 2017 18:20
If the cafe is small in terms of space, then the main criterion for selection will be the size of the dishwasher. Since you can not put a big one, and you don’t need it. number of visitors who can be at the same time — not large
Answered 2 May 2017 18:25
The main difference between an industrial dishwasher and a household one. In the duration of one wash cycle. In industrial it is only a few minutes, which allows you to quickly wash up the dishes.
Answered 2 May 2017 18:39
My acquaintances also have a pizzeria, if I am not mistaken, they have a small dishwasher; it looks like it is domestic and close in size.

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