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How to choose a good sewing machine?

Sewing machines are considered quite complex household appliance. Therefore, you should approach the purchase very responsibly. Before you choose a device for home, pay attention to certain criteria, consideration of which will bring satisfaction when sewing and will make this process easy.

What needs to be considered?

Before you make a purchase, try to forget that you need a sewing machine for home use. The use of this phrase may mean, among other things, that you limit your choice to the simplest household appliances. Such statements will mislead the seller, and as a result you will receive a device that will gather dust in the apartment.

There is still an erroneous opinion, according to which sewing machines for home should be easier to get, but in fact, the most primitive of the existing types are production ones. Therefore, if you need exactly this, then explain to the consultant when making a purchase.

A sewing machine purchased for home use must meet the following requirements:

  • be easy to learn and refuel - this factor saves you time and nerves greatly, besides, you do not have to constantly seek help from other family members if you want to do sewing;
  • should be able to perform all the necessary operations - you never know for sure what you want to make;
  • work with all types and types of fabrics - if today you do not want to deal with silk and wool, it is not known what will happen in a year;
  • should bring satisfaction from work - if you are an aspiring needlewoman, then spending time with the device should not cause a feeling of discomfort and uncertainty about one's own abilities.

Computer or not?

When you have already decided to buy, then immediately a dilemma arises: which machine to choose - mechanical or computer. Let's figure it out.

  1. Mechanical sewing machine - in this device, gears and drums are involved in operation, which are interconnected. Such machines are limited by the capabilities of the mechanisms and, therefore, are inferior to more modern computer systems during operation.
  2. Computer sewing machine - has a microprocessor control.This type of device is easy to use. It is very easy to use such a machine, because it will be able to prompt and set the stitch parameters on its own, as well as protect against errors that can damage the product or the unit itself.
  3. Electronic. It is often confused with computer, but this is wrong. Models are similar to mechanical. The only difference is the presence of an electronic unit. It allows you to control the speed of the sewing machine and select the needle position.

How many accessories should there be?

No need to opt for the model, complete with a large number of additional accessories attached. Firstly, it will make the cost of the device higher. And secondly, if you suddenly need additional legs, then you can always buy them separately.

How to choose a shuttle?

  • Horizontal (rotary) - to date, the easiest to learn and easy to use for home use. He is so primitive in the application that even a child can handle it. If you have never sewed anything in your life, then after the first demonstration, it will come out without difficulty for you.This shuttle is installed in almost all modern devices, both in budget lines and in premium-class cars.

The shuttle does not require additional lubrication and allows you to get a large width of the zigzag and decorative stitching. Therefore, you can do without buying a device with an overlock or an additional purchase of an overlock foot.

  • Vertical (swinging) - shuttle, familiar even to those who have never had anything to do with sewing. About 95% of people believe that all sewing machines have such a basis. And indeed it can be installed on modern electrical and mechanical machines. This design causes more difficult access, refueling and operation than in the case of the rotary shuttle. Such devices are less wear-resistant and noisier. In addition, even if you rarely use a sewing machine, you still need to constantly lubricate the device.
  • Industrial (vertical, rotational) - is most often used in industrial machines, therefore it is almost impossible to meet it in home appliances. The design is quite reliable and is characterized by accurate stitching.

When choosing a sewing machine, pay attention not only to its appearance, but also to the functional features, and then you will be satisfied with the purchase, which will help you to realize all the creative ideas.

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