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How to choose a heart rate monitor?

Pulsometers are very popular not only among people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, but also among athletes. If the first category of people uses heart rate monitors in order to prevent the recurrence of diseases, the second category uses in order not to overload the body during sports. The main purpose is to count the heart rate per minute.

It is necessary to know the main technical characteristics in order tochoose a heart rate monitor. FirstlyPay attention to the form factor of this device. The heart rate monitor can be made in the form of a wristwatch or cycle computer. The first option is suitable for all athletes, and the bike computer option is exclusively for cyclists, since it can be fixed on the handlebars. In principle, it can be used during jogging, but you have to hold it in your hands.

The next factor to pay attention to is the design of the sensor.The sensor can be located on the watch itself, measuring the pulse directly on the wrist. The disadvantage of this type are large dimensions. There are heart rate monitors with a separate sensor, which is worn on the ear or finger. The main disadvantage is the large measurement error. The most common type of heart rate monitor today are instruments with a chest strap, as they have compact dimensions and high measurement accuracy. In addition, there are heart rate monitors with a wired transmission channel and wireless. Naturally, in recent years, wired transmitters have receded into the background, in view of the inconvenience of use.

What else do you need to pay attention to when choosing a heart rate monitor? For swimmers, it is important that the heart rate monitor does not allow water to flow when immersed in water. Please note that the presence of a GPS sensor will not only measure the pulse, but also know the speed of movement, the number of steps and the distance traveled. Additional functions in the form of a temperature sensor, a compass and a barometer will only be needed for people who spend most of their activities on hikes.

The main thing is to know how to choose a heart rate monitor.Multifunctional devices with various sensors, although they are more expensive, but allow you to get more useful information. Pay attention to the presence of internal memory in order to be able to compare the pulse at different times. As for the power supply, replaceable batteries allow you to be independent far from home.


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