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How to clean the aquarium?

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How to clean the aquarium?

The world of aquarium flora and fauna needs special care. For the inhabitants of the aquarium you need to create special necessary conditions that are created thanks to various instruments and accessories, such as compressors and filters. It is also necessary to pay special attention to hydropower, as well as lighting the aquarium. However, for many aquarium owners there is such an important question: how to clean the aquarium? So, independently clean the aquarium is not at all difficult.

It is necessary to clean from glasses

Algae that stick to the walls of the aquarium itself are not at all dangerous and do not pose any threats. However, they significantly spoil the appearance of the aquarium, so they should be removed. You need to do this work regularly, about once every two to three weeks. To remove algae from the glasses, you need to purchase a special scraper, which can be found in a specialty store. If, however, you could not get a scraper for some reason, then a sponge or a razor blade can easily fit this job.

Clean the bottom of the aquarium

Many of you do not know how to clean the soil in the aquarium. So, for this you need to proceed to the soil siphon, the task of which is to remove all the dirt that has accumulated at the bottom. To do this, you will need a rubber hose that has a glass or metal tip. Also, not the worst option, use a special wiper. On cleaning aquariums on the Internet you can find a lot of videos. Cleaning the aquarium after viewing will be much easier.

When should I clean the aquarium

It is necessary to know how often to clean the aquarium-2 times a month will be quite enough. Move the soil at the bottom of the aquarium, if bubbles begin to rise, then it is time to clean the aquarium. To do this, you need to replace the water in the aquarium. This is done in order to remove accumulated harmful substances from the water. Typically, this is done about two to three times a week. At the same time, only about 20% of water changes in a single approach. You can perform this procedure less than two or three times less, however, it is necessary to replace about 30% of the water in the aquarium, as replacing more water can affect the health of the inhabitants of your aquarium.If you use simple tap water for replacement, then it should be left for at least several days. It should also be remembered that for a more normal development of your aquarium inhabitants they need trace elements.

Filter cleaning

How to clean an aquarium is a matter that needs attention, especially with regard to cleaning the filter. Dirt from the water that passes through the filter every day is deposited on its fillers. It is these fillers that should be cleaned, and it is necessary to wash them only when the water is already hardly pumped through the filter. It is worth paying special attention to the fact that when cleaning the filter you can not use any detergents and cleaners. Instead, you just need to rinse the filler in the water drained from the aquarium. Remember, you do not need perfect cleanliness, you only need a free passage of water through the filter. To clean the nozzle or filter tube, you must use an old toothbrush.

Now you know how to clean the aquarium.


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