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How to close the disc?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
February 19, 2013
How to close the disc?

Before we talk about how to close the disc in Windows, let's first talk about the process of recording. After you have selected the files for recording, you need to drag them into the recording window. If you tick the box next to “With a CD / DVD player,” the recorded disc will open on multimedia devices. This recording method is ideal for creating audio and video discs. In other cases, it is recommended to put a mark next to the item "As a flash drive." This allows for further recording on this disc.

After all the preliminary actions are completed, and the list of files is generated by the program, the disk will start burning. At its end, you can use the media, but before that you need to figure out how to close the session of the disc after recording it.

If you used the “As a flash drive” mode, then this action is performed automatically thanks to the LFS file system. In other cases, you must do it manually.To complete the session, go to the “Computer” applet, then select the recording device and click the “End Session” item. If the session is completed successfully, a corresponding notification will appear on the computer screen.


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