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How to communicate with people?

Constantine the Great
Constantine the Great
August 8, 2011
How to communicate with people?

How to communicate with people? After all, everyone is different, everyone needs their own approach, and not everyone can be a good interlocutor. In fact, there are rules that will help you communicate well with any person, they are suitable for formal and not so situations.

How to communicate with people:

  1. Be polite - although it is obvious, but it is worth reminding about this rule. Do not go to you ahead of time, especially in a formal situation, do not use jargon and slang where there is no need, and especially do not use curses. You can swear if you are alone in your apartment and a cupboard falls on your leg, in this case almost any reaction is permissible, and when there are people around you, it is better to watch your speech.
  2. Demonstrate to your interlocutor that he is important to you - contact him by name (and patronymic if he is higher in status or older), emphasize the importance of what he says, even if you do not agree, “Yes, this is really a valid argument, but please attention to what ... "is much better than" What nonsense ?! Listen to me, I know how to! ”.Listen to what your partner says and be attentive to him, do not need while you are talking to try to call someone else or check your email.
  3. Learn to admit your mistakes - to blame others for your mistakes, a fairly easy way to earn foes, but if you admit your guilt, then show yourself from the best side. Not everyone can recognize that he was wrong, so in the eyes of others you will rise a step higher only if you were always right and knew how best, but in the case of an error you recognized it.
  4. Be friendly - perhaps in the company of old friends, caustic jokes, ridicule and taunts are appropriate, but with a new acquaintance you should not be in a hurry with such things. He still does not feel safe with you and may misunderstand you, so the joke you consider innocent can hurt him a lot. Especially not worth the threat. For example, we can analyze the situation with public utilities, if you need to call a plumber:
    Sarcasm “Would you like to finally quit drinking there and do useless things and immediately come, because I’m going to flood me ?!”
    Threats: “Yes, if you don’t come right now to me to repair the pipes, I will sue you, why the hell should I sit without water while you are cooling off there? !!”
    The correct option is “Hello, my pipe broke through and floods the floor right now, what time can your plumber come and what can I do before his arrival?”
  5. Be honest - say what you really mean. Many people have good instinct, and they are very easy to pick up insincerity. You yourself will not notice how your body will betray you if you are cunning. Be an adult responsible person and do not lie to others, say honestly “I don’t want to do this” or “I don’t like it”.

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