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How to connect a power outlet

You will need
  • - power outlet;
  • - twisted pair;
  • - cross-over knife;
  • - screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • - a device for stripping wires.
Put all the available Internet wires in the wall or, if this option is more convenient for you, in a box specially reserved for them. At the same time, leave outside a piece of cable no longer than half a meter in the place where the power outlet is planned to be located.
Remove the outlet cover by pushing it to the side or prying the edges of the cover with a screwdriver or other similar object (it all depends on the type of latch). Position the base of the power outlet in such a way that the cable passes through a special hole.
Remove the outer insulation winding of the cable to a convenient length for subsequent installation (usually 2-3 centimeters are sufficient), straighten and separate all the wires inside the power cord from each other. Carefully peel off their ends with a special knife.
Take the second part of the outlet and look at its back side - there is a color scheme on it that matches the colors of the wires of the network cable.
Using a cross-cutter, mount all the available cable wires into the socket sockets according to the color scheme at the turn of its second side. Be extremely careful and attentive when doing this part of the work, because due to the wrong connection the Internet will not work, and you will have to repeat the whole installation process again.
Connect both parts of the outlet, fasten it with a screwdriver or a screwdriver. The cable coming from it, fix the special fasteners for wires (usually they are white brackets with small studs, they can be purchased at any hardware or hardware store) at regular intervals.

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