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How to connect WiFi TP-Link?

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How to connect WiFi TP-Link?

In the age of the Internet and technology, no one will be surprised by the presence of a router at home and a wireless Wi-Fi network. Today, inviting a guest to connect to a home wireless network is a sign of hospitality. However, in order for the Internet to exist, it is necessary to connect and properly configure the router. The TP-Link router is of particular difficulty when connecting and configuring. However, it is an inexpensive option that will provide your home with Internet.

How to connect TP-Link

To connect the router, you must perform a number of simple steps:

  1. Connect the router to the grid.
  2. In the port WAN insert the wire from your provider.
  3. We connect the wire to any LAN port, which we then insert into the necessary network port on the computer. TP-Link routers are often bundled with a small wire length, so the router will have to be installed close to the computer. However, you can always buy additional wire with the required length in any computer shop. Four devices can be connected to the router, because there are four Lan ports.If you do not have a computer that needs to be connected to the router via a wire, then you can skip this item.
  4. We turn on the router and reset the settings to the factory settings in order to start setting up the router after that.

Connecting the router is completed and you can proceed to configure it.

How to set up TP-Link

To configure the TP-Link router, you need:

  1. If you connected a computer or laptop to the router via a wire, it is enough to open the browser and type “” in the address bar to get to the router settings menu. However, if the router is not connected to anything via a wire, then you need to connect to it via a wireless Wi-Fi network to get to the settings menu. Then simply connect to the Wi-Fi-network, which when resetting to the factory settings will be called the same as your router and will not have a password. Open the browser and enter "" in the address bar. In rare cases in the browser you need to dial "" or another address that is specified in the documentation for the router. Usually after updating the firmware on the router, the address of the router settings becomes “”.
  2. After entering the address, the login and password input window will appear. Usually the username and password is the word "admin", but if they are not suitable,you should see the login and password in the documentation.
  3. Before configuring the router, you need to update the firmware, which can be downloaded to the manufacturer by selecting the desired model. Download the downloaded archive on your computer. Then go to the settings of the router in the section "System Tools" and the item "Firmware Upgrade". Find the downloaded firmware files and start the installation. After it, the router will reboot itself.
  4. If you want to change the login and password to enter the settings of the router, then in the same section, select the item “Password” and change the login and password at your discretion. Then save the new settings.
  5. To set up the Internet, go to the “Network” section and select the “WAN” item. There you fill out the provider data that is listed in the documentation or you can call and clarify information with the provider. After that, save. In some cases, the provider data is loaded automatically and it makes no sense to fill in the items.
  6. Go to the “MAC Clone” tab and click the “Clone MAC Address” button. After that, save.
  7. Go to the “Wireless” section and the “Wireless Settings” tab. Here you can change the name of your wireless network Wi-Fi in the item «Wireless Network Name». You can also choose your region.
  8. In the “Wireless Security” tab, you can change the password from a wireless Wi-Fi network so that neighbors cannot connect to it and waste your traffic. Password prescribed in the paragraph «PSK Password». We save.
  9. In the "System Tools" section, click on the "reset" button and reboot the router.

After that, the router will be ready to work.


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