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How to connect xenon?

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How to connect xenon?

Today, xenon headlights are the most effective option for lighting. Of course, disputes arise over this, but this remains a fact. It is on this type of lighting that many motorists are now switching.

It should be noted that earlier the installation of such headlights was mainly carried out on expensive cars and exclusively by professionals. Now it is available to any motorist.

Xenon, by its nature, is a gas that has one very remarkable feature — when an electric current is passed through it, it emits a powerful light. These lights illuminate the road very well, which is why car drivers prefer them.

What you need to properly install Xenon headlights

First of all, you need to understand that even though this procedure is simple, it is rather time-consuming and time consuming. Indeed, the quality of the installation of xenon lamps will depend on their lifespan, as well as the quality of the lighting itself.

You also need to use certain knowledge when calibrating light.Since the light of the xenon headlights is as close as possible to daylight, at night it has a greater brightness, which is not very pleasant for drivers passing through the oncoming lane. That is why it is necessary to adjust the headlights so that the beam of light is directed to the road, and not higher.

There are also some recommendations to consider when installing headlights:

  • it is not necessary to use heat-resistant glue in the installation;
  • if you want to install xenon in fog lights, it is preferable to use the 5th generation ignition units;
  • Ignition units must be installed at a sufficiently large distance from the engine and radiator to prevent heating;
  • The headlight section must be protected from moisture.

How to connect xenon yourself

To install the headlights it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the installation instructions. Let's proceed to the installation itself. The layout for most xenon headlights is standard.

  1. Ensure that your new xenon headlight kit has no damage. If they are observed, contact the seller or professionals for advice on how exactly the marriage will affect the performance of the system and what can be done in this situation.
  2. Be sure to disconnect the “+” terminal from the battery, since such headlights give a very high voltage of 23,000 volts when connected.
  3. Further we carry out dismantle of old headlights:
    • remove the protective covers from the headlights;
    • you will need to drill a hole in the back of the headlight for the wire from the xenon headlight;
    • then insert a rubber ring into the drilled hole to better fix and isolate the interior of the car from moisture and dust. At this stage we will prepare it in order not to forget.
  4. Install the xenon in place of the old headlights. Remember that the lights must be fixed as firmly as possible, because if they are installed incorrectly, this can lead to fire.
  5. Pull the xenon wire through the drilled hole, do not forget about the rubber plug, which we prepared earlier.
  6. Install the ignition unit in the engine compartment under the hood. For convenience, it is better to remove the battery, because it will block the free access to the headlight compartment. Choose a place to install the blocks. At the same time, remember that the wires should not be stretched.
  7. Connect the wires of the xenon headlights to the ignition units, and the other wire from the unit to the wiring of the machine.

Your xenon headlights are ready to use.


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