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How to cook brandy?

Cognac is a popular alcoholic beverage with a tart taste, rich color and excellent aroma. You can make it at home. To do this, you need to prepare a number of ingredients and study the instructions on how to make homemade brandy.

How to make cognac from moonshine quickly

You can cook brandy from moonshine. It is required to take in the amount of three liters. The following ingredients are also needed:

  • potassium permanganate - 2 g;
  • citric acid - 2 g;
  • strong tea based on black tea - 1 spoon;
  • carnation - 7 pcs .;
  • walnuts dried partitioning - 15 g;
  • cumin - ½. spoons;
  • vanilla sugar - 5 g

The process of making cognac for this recipe consists of the following steps:

  1. Take potassium permanganate and pour it into the brew. Leave it all for a few days. During this time, all the harmful fusel oils in the moonshine will have time to settle and it will only filter. After that, he will be ready to make homemade brandy.
  2. In the moonshine, add tea, vanilla sugar, cloves, cumin, citric acid and walnut septum.Then leave it all in a dark place to infuse in a room where there is room temperature for three days.
  3. Strain the finished drink and pour into small bottles. You can use it immediately. It will have a delicate aroma and a long aftertaste.

How to make cognac from moonshine: a classic recipe

Prepare brandy based on moonshine can be a classic recipe. It provides the following ingredients:

  • bark of young oak (chips) - 2.5 liter jars;
  • sugar - 3 tbsp. spoons.
  • moonshine - 3 liters.

The process of making cognac according to the classic recipe consists of these steps:

  1. Take the dried chips from the bark of a young oak and fill them with a three-liter jar. Fill them with strong moonshine (at least 45 turns). Then add the sugar and stir it thoroughly. Cover the jar with a lid and leave to stand in a dark place for at least 3 months.
  2. Remove the brandy, strain it through a fine sieve or cheesecloth. The finished drink bottled and leave for another few days. After which you can enjoy its excellent aroma and excellent taste.

You can also make cognac from moonshine according to the recipes presented in this article: How to make cognac from moonshine.

How to make cognac from alcohol: the original recipe

Cooking brandy of alcohol is best for the original recipe. It provides the following ingredients:

  • alcohol - 1.5 liters;
  • allspice - 2 chopped peas;
  • glucose - 3 tablets;
  • vanilla - 2 g;
  • cinnamon - 3 g;
  • oak bark - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • laurel leaf - 1 pc .;
  • black tea - 1 pinch;
  • Hypericum and dog rose - 1 tsp.

Cooking cognac for this recipe is necessary in this way:

  1. Mix all ingredients in a glass bottle except glucose. Close it tightly and leave in a dark place for 3 days.
  2. Strain the resulting drink and pour into three small bottles. Add 1 glucose tablet to each of them. Then leave the brandy to insist for another day, and then you can enjoy its extraordinary taste.

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