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How to cook Fergana plov

You will need
  • - 1 kg of devzira rice
  • - 1 kg of lamb
  • - 400 g of fat tail
  • - 2 tbsp. l coarse salt
  • - 2 heads of garlic
  • - 1 kg of carrots
  • - 100 g onions
  • - 1 tsp. zira
  • - 2 hot peppers.
Carefully touch devziru from chips and small stones. Add rice into a bowl, add 2 tablespoons of salt. Pour cold water in the amount of two liters. Let stand for at least half an hour. Rice flooded with water will become transparent when its appearance changes to matte, it can be washed, otherwise the grains of rice will crumble.
Clear from the veins, fat and films of lamb, if this is not done, then the spirit of the meat will be extremely unpleasant. Remove the bone from the meat. Cut the bones, cut the meat into cubes with a side of about 3 centimeters.
Cut carrots into thick strips: the length is equal to the length of the carrot, thickness - 3 - 4 millimeters. Onion is cut into half rings. Too thin cut should not be.
Approximately the same size as the meat, cut the fat tail.Fold it in a pre-heated cauldron. Only after the bubbles disappear from the smelting of the fat tail, can a lumpy lump be turned over. In order for the fat to turn out transparent, it needs to be heated over medium heat. When only greaves remain in the cauldron, they need to be pulled out of the fat.
Fire increase, warming up the fat to a gray mist. In the fat until brown crust fry the bones, then fry the onions. Then lower the meat along the walls. After five minutes, the fat and meat should be mixed at the bottom of the cauldron. Add cumin, continue to fry until golden brown, stirring constantly. Next add carrots. Fry it too, stirring softly. When the carrot is soft, the contents of the cauldron is poured with cold water, brought to a boil, the fire is reduced to medium.
In the resulting zirvak put young garlic whole heads, just peeled from the top husk. Half an hour everything has to go on.
Wash the soaked rice. This requires some caution: the bowl is placed under a stream of cold water and leans slightly so that the water flows down a little on the other side. Rice should be lightly tossed in a bowl, washing, in order to avoid breakage, rubbing it with hands is not recommended.
Bones must be removed from the cauldron, zirvak is brought to a boil, rice is laid out on top of the meat. Boiling water is added so that the rice is covered per centimeter. Boiling should be on the edges of the cauldron as well as in the center. Rice should be cooked almost to full readiness. If there is no water, and the rice is still raw, then water can be added. At the end of cooking, the fire increases greatly, the cauldron is covered with a lid to allow the fat to rise and soak the rice.
When the pilaf is almost ready, a whole pepper is laid out on it, covered with a lid and languishes for another 20 minutes.

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