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How to cook melon melon

You will need
  • - ripe and juicy melon 2 kg;
  • - colorful and fruit jelly to your taste;
  • - gelatin granules 4 tsp.
Take a ripe melon and rinse thoroughly. Put it on the table so that it should dry. Then carefully cut off the top of the fruit, it should get all exactly. Carefully remove all the seeds, remove the pulp with a spoon and place on the plate, no juice is needed.
Pour warm water into a separate plate and pour gelatin into it, mix thoroughly until it is completely dissolved. Then put jelly of the same color there, add water and put gelatin again, stir well. Put all this on a small fire and bring the resulting mass to a full boil.
Cool the finished jelly and gently pour it into the melon. Put the fruit in the refrigerator until the mass is firm. In the same way, prepare another color jelly. When the first color hardens properly, pour the second color and put everything in the fridge for 2.5 hours. Then cut the resulting melon melon into small slices. Aromatic and juicy dish is ready.Can be served on the table.

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