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How to cook pilaf in aerogrill?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
February 21, 2013
How to cook pilaf in aerogrill?

Pilaf is a dish that many cook according to their own recipe, and therefore there are a great many types of pilaf in hostesses. I must say that no one ever gets upset if, instead of a crumbly pilaf, you get rich Russian rice porridge with meat. But, according to experts, in the aerogrill you can cook this oriental dish! The main thing is to know how to cook pilaf in aerogrill, and adhere to the basic rules.

Basic recipe

The recipe for pilaf in aerogrill is very simple. Even the beginning hostess can be engaged in its preparation. So, for 300 g of meat (any), we need 1 cup of rice. Remember that you can cook good pilaf from any rice and meat, if your hands, as they say, grow from the right place. Those who strive to justify their failures are used to picking up rice.

So, wash rice and meat thoroughly and put it in a dish for pilaf. Then finely shred 1 carrot and 1 onion.Fill with 3 glasses of water or broth, add salt, pepper to taste, saffron? teaspoon, 1 bay leaf, you can add a pinch of paprika and turmeric. We put this dish in the convection oven, cover it with foil, because the covers, as a rule, do not fit there. Cook 40-50 minutes at a temperature of 260 degrees, at high speed (ventilation).

More tasty

The main question of all who buy aerogril - recipes. Pilaf can be cooked in the simplest way, putting all the products in the dishes and forgetting about our dish for 40 minutes. But you can spend another 15 minutes and make it even tastier! Before laying the products, calcine the rice in 4-5 tablespoons of vegetable oil so that it becomes transparent. Also in the oil, fry the meat until golden brown, and then pour the vegetables in the oil - carrots and onions. And then, still fold, cover with foil and put on the grill. Such pilaf in the convection oven will be more saturated.


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