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How to cope with chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a predominantly female disease — men suffer from it 4 times less. The most susceptible to him are ladies aged 30 to 50 years.
Among the causes of CFS, experts identify 5 main ones:
- overvoltage and stress;
- viruses (scientists believe that the CFS is caused by a special type of viruses, although this hypothesis has not yet received exact confirmation);
- weak immunity and mismatch in the immune, endocrine and nervous systems;
- low blood pressure;
- hormonal problems, in particular, low levels of cortisol - a hormone responsible for maintaining the energy balance in the body.
Before you begin to fight with CFS, you must recognize the presence of this problem. It is worth contacting a psychologist - he will help you accept yourself in a state of illness. Complete a medical examination: symptoms similar to CFS are also found in various somatic diseases.
Avoid overloading, plan things, and let them not be too much.Perhaps some of them make sense to postpone until later.
Do not neglect physical exertion: they contribute to stress relief. But this does not mean that it is necessary to exhaust yourself with hours of training in the gym or run 10 kilometers a day. Breathing exercises, Pilates, yoga, other body-oriented practices will do. Calculate the schedule of classes so that after a 5-minute load followed a 15-minute rest period. But complete relaxation and rejection of physical activity will do a disservice.
Limit communication with people who complain of fatigue, fatigue - even if the theory of viral origin of CFS is wrong, they will psychologically “infect” you with their condition.
Follow the recommendations of experts and tune in to a gradual, long-term work. CFS is not a problem that can be handled in a few days.

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