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How to create a boot sector

Download WinSetupFromUSB and install it on your computer. It includes a couple of important features. Select the USB drive on which the installation files of the Windows XP operating system will be written. Note that its size should not be less than 1 GB.
Connect the selected drive to the USB port of a computer or laptop. Copy important information from it, because in the process of creating the boot sector, this drive will be formatted. Run the WinSetupFromUSB utility. In the first field, specify the USB flash drive or external hard drive on which you want to write the Windows installation files.
Now proceed to create the boot sector. Click the BootIce button. In the menu that appears, check the selected drive and click the Perform Format button. In the new window, select the Single Partition (USB-HDD Mode) option and click the Next Step button. In the File System field, select the file system format. Better to use FAT32 or NTFS. Click OK several times to confirm creation of the boot sector.
Close the BootIce utility and return to the WinSetupFromUSB program.Find the item Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 and select it with a checkbox. Copy the entire contents of the Windows XP installation disc or its image into a separate folder. Specify this directory in the highlighted box.
Check the correctness of the specified parameters and press the GO button. Wait until the required files are copied to your USB drive. Perform a safe removal. Connect it to another computer or laptop and turn on this device.
Press the F8 key and select USB-HDD. Install the Windows XP operating system using the usual method. Remember that the motherboard must support the ability to run the system from a USB drive.

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