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How to create a disk Windows 7?

Sometimes users need to create a new local, installation or virtual disk to work. But the new Windows 7, released in 2009, has many updates compared to Windows Vista, which may confuse an inexperienced user. Not every user knows how to create a Windows 7 disk or a local disk on his computer. Necessary instructions and tips will be offered below.

How to create an installation disk Windows 7

When your OS starts to fail or no longer works, you immediately realize that you need to reinstall Windows, and for this you need an installation disk with the OS. But not all PC users have a licensed OS with the installation disk and the key to it. Most often, Windows 7 is downloaded from the Internet from pirated torrents, which means that the OS is recorded as a disk image. In this case, the ability to write the installer to the usual disc is useful.

So, we have an image of the OS disk downloaded from the Internet. To burn the installation disc, you must do certain actions:

  1. The first step is to insert a disc into the drive. If this disc is rewritten, then you need to erase all the files from it so that they do not interfere with the future installation.
  2. Making sure that the disc is empty, we begin the recording process itself. Click twice on the OS disk image and open the dialog in which it is said that it was not possible to open the file. Select the item “program selection from the list of installed programs”, and in the new window click on “Windows disk image recorder”. This program is built into the OS to write files to disk.
  3. In the program window, you must specify your drive where the blank is for recording. Then in the program window put a tick in the item "check after recording" and start recording. From the first time may not be able to write. Then the program will display an error on the screen. You should repeat the recording until it works out.

The program will do everything for you, and at the end you will receive an installation disk with the OS.

You can also use a program that does the same thing.

How to create a recovery disc Windows 7

If the OS crashes, which has led to a failure, then a recovery disk will help. It will roll back the system to the latest running version. If you do not have a recovery disk or a license disk, then you can create it yourself:

  1. To do this, in the control panel, find the section “System and Security”, in which the item “Computer data archiving” will be displayed. In this section, you will find the item “Create a system recovery disk”, launching which you will begin to create a recovery disk.
  2. It is necessary to have an empty blank where everything will be recorded. It is inserted into the drive. After that, you can run the program. In it, select the drive drive with a disc. The installation will start by itself and let you know when everything is done successfully. Then the disc can be used for its intended purpose.

More information can be found in our article How to create a recovery disk.

How to create a local disk Windows 7

It happens that the computer has one hard disk and displays one local C drive on which Windows 7 is installed. Often, gamers and other users need to install games and burn files separately from Windows. In this case, it will help to partition the hard disk into several local partitions.

In Windows 7 there is a useful built-in utility that performs this task. Clicking the right mouse button on the “Computer” shortcut, select the “Management” item.A window will open in which you need to click on "Disk Management". You will see a simple interface where you can divide a hard disk into sections. Using sliders and simple tools, you will first create empty space, and then in this empty space you will create a new local volume. You can specify the name, size and other parameters.

How to create a virtual disk Windows 7

A virtual disk can be used as a partition, which will then be conveniently deleted, or it will be useful for protecting data inside the OS. You can read about the purpose of the virtual disk and its creation in detail in our article How to create a virtual disk.

How to create a multi-boot disk Windows 7

A multiboot disk is necessary if you have a lot of programs that you would like to store on one disc and install it all at once from one place. This allows you not to distribute on many disks programs that are always needed.

To create a multiboot disk can be used. By running it, you can drag all the files into the program window. After that, start creating a single disk image.You should definitely check out the new image in the virtual machine in the program. After making sure that everything works well, the disk image can be written to a disc.


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