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How to create a game on a computer?

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How to create a game on a computer?

Many fans of various games at least once in their lives thought about creating their own playgrounds. Therefore, with the development of computer technology, they had the opportunity. Now anyone can create the right game. In the article we will look at how to create a 2D game and a game on the Unity platform.

Unity application

Unity is a special program that allows you to create a 3d game on your computer. To create a new game, follow the instructions:

  1. Download the app from the official site.
  2. Install the application and run it.
  3. When you first start you will open empty windows, so you need to go to the Create new Project tab and select a set of standard game scripts. To create a simple game you need to choose:
    • Character Controller
    • Particles
    • Physic materials
    • Scripts
    • Skyboxes
    • Terrain assets
    • Tree creator
  4. After you select the desired scripts, select the destination folder and click Create.
  5. After importing the information, you can start creating the game. In order to create a game on a PC, you must use the following tabs:
    • main editing window - in this window you can arrange all the objects, depending on the chosen game variant;
    • inspector of prefabs and resources - all objects, projects, models and sounds that can be used in the future are stored here. If you have created an object and want to constantly use it, then you must save it as a prefab (an object saved for future use);
    • the hierarchy shows which objects are on the wall;
    • the object inspector shows highlighted items;
    • magic buttons allow you to change objects directly on the keyboard.

Thus, using the necessary elements, you can create a game. When the playground and the main characters are created, you can save the object.

If you want to create a game with the help of other game designers, read the article How to make a 3d game.

2D games

If you want to create 2D games, you can use the Construct 2 application. You can download it on the website. After the program is downloaded and installed on your PC, you can start creating games:

  1. Click the File tab and select New.
  2. In the window that opens, select Create Project. Before you open an empty Layout (level in the game).
  3. Now, using the various tabs located at the top of the window, create backgrounds, layers and characters.
  4. After the creation of the game is completed, save it.

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