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How to create an online store for free?

The process of creating your own online store is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. Conventionally, this procedure can be divided into several key components. Let's take a closer look at how to create an online store for free.

What to trade?

First of all, you need to decide on the goods that will be sold on the Internet site. You also need to find suppliers that provide the required products in the right amount. At first, you can turn your attention to foreign sites, for example, AliExpress.

It is believed that clothing, shoes, bags, various decorative elements and gifts are in great demand on the net. But in the first place - the trade in books. It should be noted that the competition there is great.

Do I need to buy goods? Not necessary. If you build a sales scheme for prepayment, then you can order goods only after receiving an advance payment for it.

Site creation

It is better to arrange LLC, because manufacturers cooperate with such organizations more willingly.

After that, you must select an easy-to-remember domain name and proceed directly to creating an online store. The easiest way is to use services that provide a ready-made template that allows you to create an online store site for free. They are on almost any site builder, for example, Jooma, UMI, WordPress, etc.

You can create a website for free. In this case, on your page will advertise this hosting. Therefore, experts recommend to purchase paid hosting. The first time you can do and free service, and when things go up the hill, buy a site.

By adjusting the appearance of the site, you can proceed to add products. For each commodity item, a special card is created containing the product description, image, cost and other information.

Particular attention should be paid to setting up payment options. Most buyers prefer to pay for goods in cash upon receipt. However, you can get paid by bank transfer. For this you need to connect the reception of electronic currency and plastic cards.How to integrate payment systems on your website, you can learn from our article how to open an online store.

Configure different delivery methods

E-commerce platforms offer a large number of delivery options, including courier services and postal services. In the case of selling digital media content, it is possible to arrange delivery via e-mail.

To perform various settings of the online store, you should use a high-quality Internet connection, and to get access to the network absolutely free you can use the tips listed here - How to make the Internet free.

Promotion and promotion

You can not spend on advertising. It is enough to register in several forums, indicating in the personal information a link to the site. Users interested in interesting messages always pay attention to the user's personal data.

A more complex, but also more effective way - promotion through social networks. In this case, a group or community is created and attached to the site via plugins. Further, the group invited people of the desired category.For example, if you sell cosmetics, then the target audience will be women from 16 to 40 years.

Financial costs when creating an online store will not be required or will be minimal.


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