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How to create volume?

Oksana Logunova
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How to create volume?

Modern beauty, even in a frantic pace of life, will not forget to put her hair in order. The question of how to create volume, if the hair is thin, cares about every other girl. Hairdressers are unanimous that a square of medium length with a raised head and not long hair at all is ideal for those who save time and want to look perfect. But there are other solutions that do not require a short haircut and allow long hair to give the appearance of voluminous and rich.

Volume cutting

The secret of the haircut lies in the successive alternation of short and long strands. First, the hair is divided into horizontal layers, the lower strands are cut as short as possible, the layer of hair is made longer and then shorn again and again and longer. At the final stage, the wizard works with dry strands, thus avoiding overdrying of the hair, giving the desired shape to a haircut. It is noteworthy that the length of the hair can be any.Thanks to this technique, the hair falls naturally, it is possible to give volume and maintain the shape of the hairstyle, even with vigorous activity, which any woman will appreciate.

How to create hair volume

  • An experienced stylist will be able to increase the volume of hair by basal filing - thinning the hair at a distance of several centimeters from the root. In order to avoid the opposite effect, you can only entrust such a procedure to a professional, who will tell you how to arrange your own hair, and will be able to advise on the issue of hair health.
  • How to create volume at the roots using drying freshly washed hair? Short haircuts simply blow-dry upside down. If the hair is long, tilt your head and roll the locks, slightly towel-dried, forward. Use a hair dryer from the roots to the ends, starting from the back of the head, and when the hair is almost dry, comb it back and shape it. Apply volume foam to damp hair before drying and fix the finished image with varnish.
  • A great way to add volume to your hair and curl curls is to braid them in pigtails. The more braids, the more luxurious will be the hairstyle. It is recommended to braid wet hair and allow it to dry naturally. It is important to remember that at high humidity curls quickly straighten.
  • Curled root curlers will also help increase the volume of the hairstyle. Use the hair dryer, but do not rush to unwind the curlers until the hair is cold. Then you can comb the curls and fix them with varnish.
  • There are many tools to give volume in the home - mousses, hair scrubs, stylers, gels, varnishes. Do not use too many products to avoid spoiling your hair. It is possible to apply means directly on hair or by means of a hairbrush, then to dry, lifting strands.

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