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How to cure a cyst?

The ovary is the main paired organ of the female reproductive system. The most common organ disease is a cyst, which is a pathological cavity filled with fluid. It is important to start treatment at an early stage, since infertility or degeneration of a cyst into a malignant tumor can be negative consequences.

You can find the types of this disease and its causes in the article What is a cyst.

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease


A cyst is a disease in which state of health does not deteriorate and external factors of the disease do not appear. Therefore, it will not be possible to identify the disease yourself.

To identify the disease, you will need to contact your local or paid gynecologist. The patient will be assigned an ultrasound scan and blood sampling for hormones. Based on the results of the study, treatment will be prescribed.

There are cases when a disease can be identified only with the help of a surgical intervention (laparoscopy is prescribed).


If the illness was formed due to hormonal failure, then the patient is sent for treatment to the endocrinologist.Usually prescribed a course of hormonal drugs for a period of up to three months. At the same time, the results of treatment are monitored via ultrasound diagnosis.

If the cause is inflammatory processes, then physiotherapy is prescribed first, and various anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics are prescribed (prescribed by the attending physician, an example of a drug is Ibuprofen), vitamins (E, ascorbic, folic).

The disease may be accompanied by disorders in the mental state. In this case, therapy should also include sedatives or anti-depressants (for example, Knott).

If the patient is overweight, a balanced diet and diet will be imperative.

Rarely, the disease can cause pain. In this case, you need to take painkillers (Paracetamol, No-spa, Spazmalgon). For pain syndrome, an urgent need to contact a gynecologist.

If during the course of treatment the cyst has not decreased in size, then it is surgically removed.

How to cure a cyst by a national method

Products based on traditional medicine are able to eliminate hormonal disruption and reduce the size of the cyst.The advantage of therapy is that often the treatment takes place without the formation of side effects.

Honey tampons

  • Place the onion core in a bowl of honey for a while. Then wrap the onion in a sterile piece of gauze and form a tampon;
  • Take a piece of gauze or a bandage and place a teaspoon of slightly frozen honey on it. Form a tampon.

For ease of use, the swab must be tied up with a thread to avoid problems with the extraction.

The tampon is inserted overnight for 10-14 days. Then you need to register with a gynecologist for examination.

When treating, it is recommended to eat a tablespoon of honey every morning with a glass of warm water.

Walnut tinctures and decoctions

  • Fill the nutshell with alcohol and place the container in a warm place for 10 days. Take before a meal by a tablespoon;
  • Fill the walnut partitions with water in equal shares and simmer for about half an hour. Then strain and cool the broth. Drink half a cup three times a day.

Also, when the disease is recommended to eat in the morning on an empty stomach in a tablespoon of linseed oil.

A popular method of treatment is herbal decoctions (boron uterus and various fees, for example, currants, nettle, hawthorn, mint).

To prevent the sad consequences of each woman should undergo an annual gynecological examination.


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